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A Health Promotion Plan

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Below is a Case study of a client that you are required to care for. There are 2 sections to this assessment, Part A short answer questions and Part B A Health Promotion Plan.

You will need to research her conditions and required cares to answer the questions below. You are an Enrolled Nurse working at the NTA Hospital in Sydney. You are working a morning shift when the patient is admitted to the ward, into your care.

To do your research, use the resources provided in Learner's resources and other valid resources only.

This assessment is conducted on the due date as mentioned in the unit outline.

You must answer all the questions correctly to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task. It is marked S Satisfactory or NYS Not Yet Satisfactory

Your assessor will explain assessment conditions to you again as per the unit outline.

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PART A - Ms Eleanor Murrungi

Eleanor is an Aboriginal woman who is 57 years old. She is a Type 2 Diabetic who is 153cm tall and weighs 86kg. She usually has her granddaughter Suzie (16yo) with her, however Suzie was unable to come to the hospital this time. Eleanor has been admitted for surgery tomorrow. She is to have 2 toes amputated.

Below is a summary of Eleanors history.

NAME: Eleanor MurrungiDOB: 25/11/1960ADDRESS: 14 Railway Pde, Burwood

MEDICATIONSMetformin 500mg BDGlyceral Trinitrate SprayAtorvastatin 20mg DailyParacetamol 1g QID


Previous diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy and AnginaNecrotic 4th and 5th toes on her left footStrong odour coming from stained dressing on left footSmoker for 45years


Eleanor is currently complaining of having trouble reading the admission documents that she is trying to fill outShe cant remember when she last took her hypoglycaemic medicationsShe has no pain in her footINITIAL ASSESSMENTBGL 12.3mmolBP 157/86Temp 36.5, Pulse 112, Resps 24

Below are the questions relating to Eleanor and her condition

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What could be causing Eleanors poor vision with reading the admission paper work? Describe briefly.

Flagquestion: Question 2

What is Eleanors BMI and is this a healthy level for a person with Type 2 Diabetes? Explain briefy.

Flagquestion: Question 3

What could be causing the strong odour coming from her left foot? How?

Flagquestion: Question 4

How could you gain insight into Eleanors understanding of her condition?

Flagquestion: Question 5

How could you involve the Granddaughter in Eleanors cares at this point in time?

Flagquestion: Question 6

PART B - Health Promotion Plan

You are required to fill out the following Health Promotion Plan for Eleanor, to be commenced while she is in hospital. This plan will also be and transferred to a community nursing organisation once Eleanor is discharged.You will need to research ALL aspects of her care and what parts will require what services and considerations. Each section of this document should have at least 2 dot points to consider.

NTA Hospital Health Promotion PlanNAME - Eleanor MurringiAddress - 17 Waterloo Way, BurwoodWARD 5 West MRN - 564891Client ConsiderationsPre OpPost OpAt HomePsychosocial FactorFoot CareEye CareDiabetic DietWeight LossDiabetic Services (including interdisciplinary referrals)Other ConsiderationsUpload Choose a File

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The doctor has now reviewed Eleanor and has requested a swab of her toes prior to surgery and prescribed an insulin infusion to be commenced 4 hours prior her surgery with 1/24 BGLs to start tomorrow at 9am.

Flagquestion: Question 7

Its 1030hrs and you are reviewing Eleanors insulin infusion. She is slurring her speech and tells you she feels dizzy, you take her BGL and it is 2.5mmol. Explain the next 3 initiatives you will take;

Flagquestion: Question 8

Write below your handover to the Doctor, of Eleanors current condition, using the ISBAR tool.

Flagquestion: Question 9

Review all of Eleanors Medications. What would be the underlying condition for each of them?

Flagquestion: Question 10

What are some of the common disease processes associated with Diabetes and people of Aboriginal descent?

Flagquestion: Question 11

Eleanor has no pain in her foot. Briefly Describe why?

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