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AHCWHS301WHS planning Assignment

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WHS Act and responsibilities

  • What is the main responsibility of the employer in the work environment under your relevant WHS state or territory legislation?
  • Now list three (3) responsibilities of employees in the work environment under your relevant WHS state or territory legislation.

WHS Committee and staff meetings

  • List the obligations/duties/tasks of a WHS Committee.

Staff training in WHS issues

  • Who should carry out WHS training?
  • Give two (2) examples of when training should be provided to employees.

Enterprise policies and procedures

  • What policies and procedures should a workplace have?

Sources of information

  • List three (3) ways in which staff could be informed about work health and safety issues.
  • How do employees convey safety issues to their employer?

Safe work method statements

  • Outline and define the purpose of a SWMS.
  • In what form should employers make these available to staff?

Risk assessment

  • When should a risk assessment be carried out at your workplace?
  • Who is responsible for carrying out risk assessments?

Manual handling

  • Outline the specific manual handling procedures or protocols at your workplace.

Personal Protection Equipment

  • List five (5) common pieces of PPE used at your workplace.
  • Give three (3) different examples of how PPE should be maintained and stored.

Emergency procedures and reporting

  • How are the standard emergency procedures communicated at your workplace?
  • Outline the procedures or steps you would take in responding to an emergency such as a fire or other serious accident/incident based on your own workplace.

First Aid officer/station/kit storage

  • Where is the location of the First Aid kit? Who is your nominated First Aid officer?

Safety/Toolbox meetings

  • Does your workplace have periodic safety or toolbox meetings? State when these are held and what issues are discussed.

Read and interpret safety signs

  • Either photograph or obtain five (5) safety signs associated with your workplace and insert them here. Under each sign state what it indicates

Alcohol & Drug policy

  • Do you have an Alcohol & Drug policy at your workplace? How are these issues dealt with?


  • List five (5) changes that you think should be made to the WHS procedures at your workplace.
  • Part 2 - Incident and accident reporting
  • You are required to complete an incident report form based on the following scenario.

You must use the template provided and attach the completed form with your assessment.


You are the Leading Hand supervisor and first aid officer of a Garden maintenance team of seven (7) members employed by ‘Green and Growing’ (ACN 000 222 000). You are currently working on a private residence (in Southern Sydney), on the first day of October 2017. Your company is being engaged by Mr. and Mrs. Smith to carry out major gardening works including hand pruning and removal of some trees on a private residence.

Everything is going to plan and work is progressing well. However, communication is hampered at times, as there is a lot of noise from overhead aircraft.

At about 9am, you hear a loud yell and someone is calling your name. You turn around and see everyone running over to one of your staff, Jim Jones, who is lying on the ground moaning with a gash on his head and a large branch on top of him. You rush over to help him. He has a trickle of blood running from a cut on top of his head. However, there are no other obvious injuries. Your team members, Liam Abbott, Brendon Hall and Kylie Sanchez, state that they yelled at Jim to “watch out” as a large tree branch was falling and he was not paying attention, they saw it strike him and then he fell. Jim now seems to be confused and incoherent and is not responding quickly to questions. You and your team check for immediate danger such as the stability of the damaged fence. The team removes the large branch off Jim and he states that he can get up. Jim is unsteady on his feet and still appears confused. No one else has suffered any injuries but there is some damage to a nearby fence. You make a decision on the immediate first aid that you will administer to Jim.

You will have to make judgements and decisions about the initial first aid that Jim needs and whether hospital treatment is required, and if so, the location of the nearest hospital. You need to consider the amount of notification and reporting to relevant authorities and organisations that is required.

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