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AVAT11005, Flight Fundamentals Assignment

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  1. Discuss with examples how Newton's first and third laws applied to an aircraft engine. An aircraft(rocket-powered drone) has a mass of 100 kg. Assume its engine produces a thrust of 800 N. Using an appropriate equation, calculate the  Calculate the same when the mass is 81.54 kg. (Marks: 1.50+0.5+0.5=2.5).
  2. What do you know about modern subsonic airliners (the answer should contain approximately 70words)? Write a short note on Concorde as a commercial airliner (the answer should contain approximately 70 words). Draw a P-V diagram for an Otto cycle and discuss the working principle of this  (Marks: 0.5+0.5+2.0=3.0).
  • Compare a turbojet engine with a high by-pass turbofan engine (The comparison should containapproximately 100 words). Write the equations and then calculate the distances fallen after 4 seconds, 5 seconds, and 6 seconds for a freely falling object starting from rest. (Marks: 1.25+1.5=2.75).
  1. A, B, C and D in Figure 1(iv) are different materials that rest on a table. Rank how much they resistbeing set into motion from greatest to lowest. Determine the support force the table exerts on each of them and show their directions in the Figure. (Marks: 75+1.0=1.75).



  1. Drawa figure which shows the different forces for a steady level  Mechanical energy is usually the summation of kinetic and potential energy. An aircraft with a mass of 15000 kg is flying at a speed of 220 km/h at an altitude of 450 meters. Determine its kinetic, potential and mechanical energy in kJ and then convert them to MJ. You should show the appropriate equations. (Marks: 1.0+1.5=2.5).
  2. Describe how Archimedes' principle is applied to balloons and airships. The answer should containapproximately 125 words. (Marks: 0).
  • Regarding an aircraft, discuss the purpose of using ailerons, flaps, slats, and slots. Draw a classicalNACA aerofoil section and show the camber and mean camber  (Marks: 1.5+0.5=2.0).

      3  Usingan equation, show the relationship among power, resistance, and  In an electrical circuit, the current is 3A, and the voltage is 24V. Draw the circuit diagram, write the equations, and find the resistance in Ohms and power in Watts. (Marks: 0.5+0.5+0.5+1.0=2.5).

      4.Explain,with the help of the lift equation (L= 1 C ? V2 S) , the reason for longer runways for takeoffs and landings at high-altitude airports, such as those in Denver and Mexico City? (Marks: 1.0).


  1. Write an equation showing the aircraft engine's overall efficiency and fuel's heating value. Also, usinga figure, discuss the relationship between aircraft engines' total specific fuel consumption and propulsive efficiency in the case of M=0.8 @11000m and thermal efficiency of 0.3. Describe the open cycle of gas turbine operation and draw a Brayton cycle's pressure versus volume  Name some fuels and their key properties used in gas turbines. (Marks: 0.5+1.0+2.0+1.0=4.5).
  2. Whatare the features of a turboprop engine compared to piston engines? (Marks: 5).
  • Comparea modern-day axial flow compressor with a centrifugal  Why are there often many compressor stages in modern gas turbine engines? What do you know about the combustion chamber in a gas turbine?  (Marks: 1.5+0.5+0.5=2.5).
  1. A boy pushes a cart to the left with a 0.2 kN force. A girl pushes the same to the right with a 500 N Draw a figure showing the forces, then calculate the net force and indicate the direction of the force. (Marks: 0.5).
  2. Emissionsfrom air transportation cause air  What are the key components of those emissions? Discuss at least a way to mitigate those harmful emissions from aeroplanes. (Marks: 1.0).


  1. Drawa figure for a sound wave showing its wavelength, peak (crest), and  After striking the keyboard, the frequency of vibration is 250 Hz. (a) What is the period of one vibration of this tone? (b) As the sound leaves the instrument at a speed of 335 m/s, what is its wavelength in the air? All relevant equations should be shown. (Marks: 1.0+0.75+0.75=2.5).
  2. Ahairdryer consumes electric power of 1000 W, and its daily use is 10  Calculate its monthly (30 days) electrical energy consumption in Watt-hour (Wh). Convert this consumption into kWh and MWh. What will be the yearly consumption in MWh? (You should show relevant equations for such calculations). (Marks: 1.0+0.5+1.0=2.5).
  • Discuss with a neat diagram the working principle of a hydrogen fuel cell. The discussion should alsocontain the elements of the fuel cell and the purpose of using them in the cell. (Marks: 5).
  1. In the series circuit shown in Figure 4(iv), R1= 8W, R2=4W, and R3=1W. Using appropriate equations,calculate the equivalent resistance and voltages in each  (Marks: 2.5).

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