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BSBOPS402 Coordinate business operational plans Assessment

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Task 441 - Prepare to implement operational plan

A request has been made by your CEO to implement an operational plan for your organisation OR  a case study, as discussed with your trainer. If you already have an operational plan in place, this  is a great opportunity to make a review.  

You will be required to: 

  • plan amounts required to operate 
  • purchase the resources  
  • monitor the performance of your acquisitions  
  • make adjustments where required.  

T441.1 Make contact with relevant staff to determine the goals, strategies, and resources that the organisation  already has and the resources that will need to be purchased.  

T441.2 Collate, analyse and then document by writing a proposal of the sources of information and process  used for the resources listed below to:  

  1. identify the need 
  2. organise and do research 
  3. acquire, purchase or recruit 

T441.2.2 Personnel 

T441.2.3 Materials 

T441.3 Using the table below, write three S M A R T objectives for your operational plan and explain briefly  what the key activities / strategies will be to achieve these objectives. 

T441.4 Choose one objective from above and identify what event or situation could prevent your achieving it,  including how it would hinder or prevent that achievement, and how you will respond? 

T441.5 Choose one objective and to get approval for the costs of the necessary resources, explain in 6 – 8  sentences what arguments you would present to your manager for approval. 

Task 442 - Implement operational plan 

To implement the operational plan, there is a requirement to employ more staff for your  organisation OR a case study, as discussed with your trainer. 

T442.1 List and briefly explain how organisational policies influence how staff are recruited and onboarded.

Once you have a clear understanding of what resources you need to start and operate your  business, you can begin to work out how much of each resource you require.  

T442.2 Clarify how you can ensure that you acquire resources that are: 

  1. the right quantity to avoid waste 
  2. suitable and efficient 
  3. cost-effective 
  4. safe to use  

T442.3 Discuss how you would approach and consult with key stakeholders to enable consensus on the need  for, and implementation of, a contingency plan due to a suspected risk / threat actually occurring. (You can  use the example contingency you identified earlier) 

Task 443 - Monitor operational performance 

You are required to regularly review your operational plan against the organisational goals and  goals set for each activity for your organisation OR a case study, as discussed with your trainer. 

T443.1 Choose one objective from your operational plan and identify what data / information you will be  collecting and analysing to determine if you are on-track to achieve this objective. You may focus on financial,  operational performance, timing, quality or any other aspect of this objective. 

T443.2 Choose one of the KPI’s above and imagine the data you have collected shows this KPI to be between  75% and 90% of where you planned for this KPI to be at this time. What action/s would you recommend to  your manager to address this under-performance and why? 

Task 444 - Review operations based on performance 

Once you have the operational plan implemented, a continuous improvement process is required  for your organisation OR a case study, as discussed with your trainer. 

T444.1 During the next planning cycle, use the circumstances you identified and rectified in T443.2. to  recommend a new strategy and KPI data / information as a result of your learnings. 

T444.2 To whom will you present these recommendations for approval? 

T444.3 If a future audit was conducted to review the events and outcomes of this operational plan, what  documentation might be sought to identify the intent of the plan, monitoring techniques and validated results,  actions taken by who, when and why. List and briefly explain 5 of these.

Task 445 - Second operational plan 

This unit’s training package requires that the activity of putting together an operational business plan must be  done twice. Using another organisation (real or simulated), follow the same steps you have performed above  and complete the Operational Plan template provided in the portal for a given year of operations. You may if  you wish, use a template used by your organisation if you have access to it. 

Task 446 - Application to you and your organisation 

Considering what you have learned in this unit, answer the following questions: 

T446.1 What is the number one thing you have learned from this unit AND why is it number one?  

T446.2 How will this new knowledge benefit You and/or your organisation? 

T446.3 To apply this knowledge, in your life or organisation, what is the next step you will need to take? 

T446.4 When will this step be completed? 

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