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BSBPMG539 Manage project governance Assessment

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Conference Project

For this assessment, the student will develop and implement a governance plan, and monitor and evaluate the project governance structure for the conference project using the appropriate project management tools and techniques.

 Part 1. Project Governance Documentation

As the new Project Manager for the conference project, you are required to establish a project governance plan.

 Task 1. Project Charter

Begin by reviewing the project documentation contained in the Simulation Pack (BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_1SimulationPack).

Once you have reviewed the project documentation, complete the relevant section in

BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_2ProjectDetails. In this section you will:

  • identify the project details including scope, resources and total budget

  • outline the knowledge management system that will be used to capture the progress, insights and experiences throughout the project

  • identify stakeholders required for project governance and decision-making

  • determine what the expectations of the project’s stakeholders are

  • identify what the project governance roles and responsibilities will

 Task 2. Project timeline

Use BSBPMG53_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_4ProjectTimeline to create a project timeline for the

next three months, including details on the key milestones and tasks for:

  • marketing (strategy, plan, promotional materials, social media marketing, printing, attendee engagement )

  • venue management (booking venue, catering, security hire )

  • budget management (budgeting, financial reporting )

  • conference schedules, and speaker management (confirming speakers and topics, speaker engagement ).

In the timeline, note the project resources that will be responsible for each of the key milestones.

Task 3. RACI Matrix

Watch What is a RACI matrix? (YouTube, 3:07 mins) to understand how to construct a RACI Matrix. (Long URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMT_WPFh6RU)

Based on the key milestones and tasks that you have established in Task 2, create a RACI Matrix that assigns each project team member to ‘responsible, accountable, consulted or informed’ given the type of milestone or task.

Use BSBPMG53_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_5RACIMatrix to describe how authority for project decision-making will be delegated.

 Task 4. Risk Management Plan, Communication Plan and Stakeholder Management Policy

To supplement the initial project governance plans you have created in Tasks 1-3, you will now need to create the Risk Management Plan, Communication Plan and Stakeholder Management Policy. In the stakeholder management policy, include conflict management processes to be followed in the event of conflicts arising.

Create the documentation using the following templates:

·       BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_6RiskManagementPlan

  • BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_7CommunicationPlan

·       BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_8StakeholderManagementPolicyandProcedures.

These documents will need to be submitted to your assessor or online.

You have creative licence to develop this documentation based on the case study in the Simulation Pack and best practice project governance processes used in industry as per your research as long as they fit with the policies, strategy and project goals.

 Task 5. Sharing project documentation

Develop an email communication for your project team (cc’ing the CEO) outlining the documentation you have created and request feedback or approval for all documents (from Tasks 1-4).

Use the space provided in BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_2ProjectDetails to write your email. The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English and written in appropriate business-like style.

 Part 2. Role Play

Task 6. Role play scenario

To complete this part of the assessment, students will participate in one role play to demonstrate their ability to complete skills-based tasks to industry standards. The role play will be observed or can be digitally recorded and submitted as evidence.

This demonstration will be used as part of the overall evidence requirements of the unit.

Students should refer to the list of criteria provided in the assessment checklist to understand what skills you need to demonstrate in this section of the assessment. This checklist outlines the assessment criteria your Teacher/Assessor will be marking you on.

Once completed you will need to submit this assessment for marking.

 The scenario

 During your project kick-off meeting with the CEO, they suggested a potential venue for the annual conference. The CEO has attended a conference at the venue before and noted the exceptional attendee experience. You have taken the CEO’s recommendation and reached out to the Venue Project Manager with an introduction. The Venue Project Manager has responded with an approximate quote. Refer to the Simulation Pack to read both emails.

 Your task

Upon reading the email from the Venue Project Manager, you and Ben have realised that the quoted cost exceeds the amount allocated on the project budget by $5000 (the allocated amount for the venue is $50000). Furthermore, the venue cost does not include catering, which has been budgeted for $25000. Ben has researched alternative venues and this venue is the most ideal for the type of conference that Gelos Enterprises is hosting. You are planning to negotiate the venue cost with the Venue Project Manager.

At the end of the meeting, the negotiated venue cost must be decided. If you are satisfied with the venue cost and decide to book the venue, you must convey any follow-up actions to confirm the booking.

During the meeting, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills such as:

  • speaking clearly and concisely

  • using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding

  • asking questions to identify required information

  • responding to questions as required

  • using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

  • negotiation and conflict management skills

  • teamwork and leadership

Role/s of the person/s in supporting roles


Ask two people (friends, colleagues or other students) to participate in the Role Play. One should act in the role of Ben Streep (Administration Manager) and the other should be the Venue Project Manager. The student will need to provide their stakeholders with BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_3StakeholderScript.

This role play will require the following roles:

  • Project Manager (student)

  • Ben Streep (Administration Manager)

  • Venue Project Manager

Time allowed

 10 minutes

Submit your Role Play

Once you have completed this scenario, you have completed your role play activity for this assessment.

If you recorded your role play, watch the video back to ensure you have met all the skills being assessed in the Observation Checklist. Submit your role play with your assessor or online.

Part 3. Monitoring and evaluating project governance structure

Task 7. Monthly project progress report

It is approaching one month since the initial meeting with the CEO. You are required to write the first of the regular monthly project progress reports. Use the information below to write a short report (approx. 200 words) on the performance of the project so far and any issues arising from the project governance arrangements that you have established.

During the first month of the project:

  • The venue has been booked on time. However, Ben receives an email from the venue informing him that the caterer has double booked themselves and is unable to cater for the event. The venue offered an alternative option: a smaller catering company is available to cater for the event, but the cost would be 15% higher. They also offer a simple menu for the same cost (but with a reduced number of dishes on offer).

  • Donna receives a call from the Keynote Speaker for the event informing her that they are no longer able to attend the conference due to conflicting schedules. For the past two days, Donna has been trying to find another speaker of similar calibre to fulfill the role but has been unsuccessful. Donna has requested another week to finalise the Keynote Speaker and their presentation topic. According to the project timeline, the Keynote Speaker was planned to be finalised by the end of the first With the conference in five months, it is important to finalise the details of the conference schedule before it affects other parts of the project.

  • Aditi has completed both the marketing strategy and plan for the conference by the end of the first month, as required by the project timeline. Both you and the CEO have approved of the strategy and plan. Aditi is waiting on the finalisation of the Keynote Speaker, topics and venue (including catering) before she and Zaid can start to develop the promotional materials. The promotional materials need to be completed in the next two weeks so she can get all the materials approved, published and Zaid has been posting some preliminary marketing

communication via Gelos Enterprises’ LinkedIn page, advising the upcoming

conference and for people to lock in the conference date and venue. Aditi has

requested some training for the team on how to better engage Gelos Enterprises’

existing customers and the general public.

  • Th project budget has been completed and approved by the Alex has notified the team that he will soon be taking leave for three weeks due to urgent personal reasons. During the time that he is away, Cindy will manage the finances on his behalf.

Complete the relevant section in BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_2ProjectDetails for your monthly project progress report.

Task 8. Project governance closure report

The conference project has come to a successful conclusion. Tickets were sold out and the speakers were well received. The conference also generated dozens of Western Australian leads that may become Gelos Enterprises’ clients in the near future.

Write a short report (approx. 200 words) that:

  • analyses the impact that project governance had on achieving the project’s


  • includes at least two lessons learned in respect to the project’s governance structure

  • includes at least two project governance recommendations that could assist future

Complete the relevant section in BSBPMG539_AE_Pro2of2_Appx_2ProjectDetails for your project governance closure report.

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