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C700 General Guidance Performance Lab

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  1. The performance lab serves two purposes: (a.) To provide data to identify two major problems with B’s network, and (b.) To demonstrate that you can do a Zenmap scan and an OpenVAS scan, hence the reason for providing screenshots and PDFs of the full scans. You submit only one PDF of each scan, no matter how many scans you did. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. If you are spending more than 1.5 hours in the lab and are not making progress, STOP! This is meant to be a learning experience, not an ordeal. Send an email to your CI, and specifically explain the challenges you are having. Give particular details. Remember this is a graduate program, where the student is expected to analyze the situation so far, even if progress is not immediately forthcoming.

    Please view this video before attempting the lab:

    • Before completing the final lab ensure you have finished the Section 5 Scanning a Linux Target lab as it will help quite a bit, especially when completing the Zenmap scan.
    • Start by reading the lab directions from front to back. In the directions, you will learn more about downloading your scans from OneDrive and how to take the screenshots. Be sure to log in to OneDrive with your @my.wgu.edu email address.
    • You should run the OpenVAS and Zenmap scans from the Kali systems. Please note – this will look a little different than the section 5 lab, but for the most part the steps remain the same. You should click the Greenbone tab in the Firefox browser to access OpenVAS.
    • I would suggest completing two OpenVAS scans, one from the Kali virtual machine (VM) outside Company B’s network and one from the Kali VM inside Company B’s network. To find the vulnerabilities you should scan important devices such as the firewall and a server, all IP addresses are provided in the directions.
    • You need to discuss two findings in parts C and C1. When you submit your paper you’re only required to submit one full Zenmap and OpenVAS scan and one Zenmap and OpenVAS screenshot. You can use the Print to PDF option to convert your .nmap to PDF.
    • https://wgu.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/wgu/recording/6adbb31ac820103a9ece00505681395b/playback
    • Answers to specific questions that come up repeatedly:
      • “Why doesn’t my file transfer from the virtual machine to my OneDrive work”

        You must be signed in to your WGU OneDrive account for the transfer to work. Further, you must sign in using @my.wgu.edu.

        NOTE: As soon as you make the upload, you can also “share” your file and email it to your WGU email address.

      • “My Zenmap scan disappeared after I uploaded it to OneDrive. Where did it go?”

        You must enter a valid file name. The default is “.nmap” If you don’t change the name, then you will not find your scan file because you cannot name a file using only a file extension.

      • “How do I save my OpenVAS file as a PDF?

        Save it as a text file (not an .nmap) to OneDrive. Once in OneDrive, convert it to a PDF.

      • “Do I submit all scans for grading if I have done multiple ones?

        No. You need to submit one Zenmap scan and one OpenVAS scan. Choose the scans that offer the richest data to answer Section C in the paper.

      • “I cannot generate the OpenVAS report.”

        Make sure you’ve opened the Greenbone Security Manager through Kali. Be aware that there are IP ranges available beyond 10.10 and 198. Ping the box(es) for additional IPs. You can run a scan using the Task Wizard (the magic wand icon). A report will be generated, which takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

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