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CHCECE001 Develop Cultural Competence Assessment

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Question 1.

What significant event in your family background or history has most influenced your current values, beliefs and attitudes?

Question 2.

What aspects of the environment have influenced your cultural identity?

Question 3.

How has you own background impacted on your interactions and relationships with people from other cultures?

Consider the land on which the service is built, including regional and state levels, and identify any historical issues in relation to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. Describe your findings.

Question 5

With whom would you consult to obtain knowledge of local cultural groups?

Question 6

In what way can you support activities within the service to encourage and promote participation by all cultural groups?

Question 7.

In what ways can you process information in a culturally sensitive way, including how and with whom it can be shared?

Question 8

What opportunities can be provided for families to share their context and cultural knowledge?

How can you provide opportunities for children and families to enhance their experience of cultural knowledge?

Question 10.

What experiences can you plan and implement to foster positive attitudes around inclusion?

Question 11

In what ways can you explore the culture, heritage, backgrounds and traditions of each child with the children that encompasses the context of their community?

Question 12

How can you promote constructive relationships with all the children and families based on trust, respect, understanding of alternate world views and celebrates diversity?

In what ways can you use oral communication to role-model open, inclusive and ethical interactions with all children, families and colleagues?

Question 14

What methods can you adopt to identify the need for additional support and cross cultural understanding through the children’s interactions with their peers and staff?

Question 15

What experiences can be planned that focus on events, customs and beliefs that are relevant to the service’s children and families?

Question 16

In what way can you support experiences and environments to establish secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between children, families and other adults?

What communication and interactions can be used with children to help them work towards developing a strong sense of identity, wellbeing and being connected with and contribute to their world?

Question 18

What group activities can be implemented to allow children to solved problems in a collaborative way?


The New Year has just begun and you are going through the enrolment forms for the children in your group. You notice there is an enrolment for a child whose country of origin is Sudan. You are unsure of the specific cultural requirements for this family.

What can you do before the child commences to support transition into the service?

You have done some research and feel much more confident that you will be able to support the child into the service. The family arrive and the child’s mother is in traditional dress. You notice that some of the children are looking on and appear to be a bit uncertain.

What can you do to support both the new family as well as re-assure the other children?

You show the mother and child around the service and show them how to access information, signing in and out, communication areas and the community noticeboard. The mother comments that the main language spoken at home is Arabic and that her child is just learning to speak English.

In what way can you support the child with communication in the service?

Throughout the day the child participates in activities that she is interested in and tries to engage with the other children in non-verbal and verbal ways in her home language. The other children respond however comment to you that she is not answering them. They also ask questions about the mother’s traditional dress.

In what way can you support the children to reach an understanding of the child’s heritage, language and customs?

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