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CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues Assessment-Case Study

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Read the case study, then answer the questions that follow.

Case study (questions 15)

Magdalene is 72 years old and lives with her husband, Spiros. Magdalene and Spiros immigrated to Australia from Cyprus three years ago to be closer to their children and have not yet become citizens.

A little more than a year ago several members of her immediate family noticed she seemed to be having some short-term memory problems. Magdalene visited her general practitioner who arranged for her to be assessed. She was diagnosed with dementia. Soon after she began wandering from the house and having difficulty finding her way home. On several occasions, she injured herself while performing routine daily chores.

Six months ago, Magdalene’s family decided that it was no longer possible for Magdalene to live at home.

To protect Magdalene and make life easier for Spiros, Magdalene was moved to a nursing home specialising in dementia care. Magdalene did not respond well to the move and the situation has been made more difficult because she has lost her ability to communicate in English. Memory problems have caused her to revert to her native Greek. Spiros has needed support from family and friends to deal with the stigma of mental illness affecting his wife and to understand the workings of the mental health sector.

CS Question 1

Magdalene has not lived in Australia for long. Should her Citizenship affect the access she has to mental health services?  Explain the mental health sector values of access and equity and how they apply to a person’s cultural background.

CS Question 2

Explain how social attitudes to mental health and approaches to working with people with mental health needs have changed over time. Discuss in a historical context.

CS Question 3

Give an example of a political government policy/initiative that has impacted on the mental health sector.

CS Question 4

Provide an example of a current economic decision that has affected the mental health sector. What were the impacts on people with mental health issues?  

CS Question 5

Magdalene, Spiros and their children have certain legal and ethical rights in regards to the support offered to Magdalene. Outline the legal rights for the following legislation:  discrimination, human rights and mandatory reporting.

Read the case study, then answer the questions that follow.

Case study (questions 69)

Tim has schizophrenia and lives in a supported house with three others. Tim enjoys living in the house and gets on well with his other housemates. Tim wants to attend the local community center for woodworking classes offered once a week on a weekday. Tim’s father taught him some carpentry skills when he was growing up and they used to make furniture together in the family shed. Tim feels he would like to attend the classes with the aim of one day doing an apprenticeship in cabinet making.

Marg is Tim’s support worker. Marg accompanies Tim when he visits the community center to look at the room and equipment where the classes are held and to meet the wood work instructor. Tim is enthusiastic after the tour and explains to the instructor that he has schizophrenia. Marg notices that the instructor’s manner changes towards Tim after he tells him about his mental health needs. Tim is still keen to attend and hopes to begin classes next week.

CS Question 6

What are three myths the instructor might hold about mental illness? Correct these myths with a fact.

CS Question 7

Why is it important to allow a person with a mental illness to express their own identity and preferences and avoid imposing own values and attitudes?

CS Question 8

There is a certain level of risk involved in using the tools at the woodworking classes. What is dignity of risk and why is it important that Tim be involved in any discussions?

CS Question 9

Outline the duty of care Marg has in supporting Tim to meet his needs.

Read the case study, then answer the questions that follow.

Case study (questions 1014)

Lee’s parents remember first noticing that Lee had some behavioural problems when he was only six years old. Although Lee was obviously an intelligent child he had developed various rituals that he needed to perform before undertaking routine daily tasks. He also found it difficult to interact in social situations. He maintained one close friendship since childhood but otherwise tends to be quite isolated from his peers.

When he was 14, Lee experienced a breakdown during a period of family stress. During this time Lee became quite violent towards both his parents and his sister. Lee regularly threatens self-harm. He has no social contact with anyone outside of his immediate family.

Lee spent six months in hospital following his breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

His parents are concerned about the way Lee is becoming increasingly violent and non-communicative. They worry that he is at risk of self-harm. Barbara is his support worker and is also noticing an escalation in violent behaviour in Lee. Barbara feels that the services Lee is currently accessing are not meeting his current needs and additional health professionals need to be involved in the support and care of Lee.  

CS Question 10

Barbara arranges to discuss Lee’s recent behaviour with her supervisor. Due to his changing needs, Lee may need to exit his current services or adaptions will be made to his current support. What organisational policy and procedures (policy frameworks) documents will be used to ensure Lee’s rights and needs are met with the change in circumstances that may be required?

CS Question 11

Barbara feels that the services currently being offered to Lee are not meeting his needs and she recognises the limits of her own knowledge, abilities and work role. Suggest the work role boundaries that may have changed that make Barbara discuss this with her supervisor.

CS Question 12

List appropriate referral services that may now need to be considered for Lee.

CS Question 13

If Lee’s violence towards his family escalates again, what advice can Barbara give Lee’s parents to deal with this crisis?

CS Question 14

If Barbara was present at the time of Lee’s violent behaviour, what prompt actions could she take to support Lee?

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