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COMP 20009.1 Software Engineering Assignment

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Case Study Tasks
From the following topics given below,select a suitable topic and develop a system summary by answering
questions 1 to 4.
List of topics:
a. Web-Based App for automobile Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Management
b. Job Search and Recommendation Mobile App
c. Billing system based on blockchain
d. Intelligent Chat Bot Software System
e. Fingerprint-based Employee Attendance Monitoring System
f. IOT based Educational System
g. Smart HealthCare Forecast System
h. University Hostel Management System
i. Fashion Trend and Style recommender system
j. Ecommerce web system with product rating based on customer reviews

1) Discussion should be covered in 400-450 words with evidences. (20 Marks)

a. As you are aware, there are various software development process models (software Development Life Cycle) available, each differ from the others in terms of the methods used for the process and the program development itself. Select the proper Software Engineering Process model for the development of your preferred system with suitable justification on why you selected this process model.
(10 Marks)
b. Recommend a requirement-gathering technique to gather the key requirements of the proposed project. Support your discussion with points on how the chosen method is suitable for the process model selected for task1.a.(10 Marks)

2) As part of system design for the chosen project, Identify and draw a class diagram based on the proposed system requirements. You should include the following:
• Identify main classes for the selected topic. Minimum 5 classes are expected.
• Develop a class diagram. It should include required the specific Information like Name,
Attributes, Operations, multiplicity with the relationship (generalization, aggregation, and composition).
Note: A short reflection of 100-150 words is expected by analyzing diagram.

(30 Marks)

3) Based on the topic selected, write about any 5 functional requirements. The functional requirements have to be given in tabular format detailing the input, process and output. Also mention 5 non-functional requirements. Explain the significance of each nonfunctional requirement with respected to the chosen topic.

(20+10= 30 Marks)

4) In this task, you will prepare at least two prototypes for the proposed system that should be in line with the functional requirements provided in Task 3. description. A brief description about the functional requirement implemented in the prototype should also be provided.
(20 Marks)

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