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CP Fitness’s strategic direction Assignment

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Question 1:

Use the provided information in case study A to generate and confirm organisational objectives, values and standards according to CP Fitness’s strategic direction.

 Question 2:

Based on the CP Fitness case study, discuss and summarise at least two (2) assigned individuals and two assigned groups for linking organisational objectives, values and standards to their responsibilities.

 Question 3:

Based on CP Fitness case study, discuss and confirm your choice of media and language for communicating organisational mission and goals that meets the needs of individuals and group.

 Question 4:

Discuss four types of incidents that may occur in an organisation or CP Fitness case study

 Question 5:

Select any two types of incidents that you identified in previous question:

· discuss how you can investigate the incidents

· communicate results to relevant groups and individuals according to organisational policies and procedures

 Question 6:

As a role of CEO at CP Fitness, you are required to allocate work tasks and expectations of each individual and team.

Use a table below to provide examples of two (2) individual roles and one (1) team related to fitness business, and then allocate related works and time frame for them in accordance with organisation policies and procedures (case study A).

Roles (Team/Individual) Related works and time frame Time frames

 Question 7:

Refer to the case scenario of CP Fitness and actively lead and facilitate by carrying out the following:

A. Suggest how to improve to organisational policies and procedures.

B. Discuss and summarise in your words to show how to perform integration of global environment into work activities

C. Discuss and summarise in your words to show how to perform integration of new technology into work activities

 Instruction: Conduct a role play session with 3 – 4 people in your group or as further instructed by the trainer.

· Select one person to play a role as CP Fitness representative in the media and community.

· Refer to case study A and your responses of 2A and 2B where are required.

Question 8:

Refer to CP Fitness case study, in your group, gather the relevant information and prepare for representation in the media and community, this should include:

o Organisation’s objectives, values and standards

o Organisational media and communication policies and procedures

o Previous instances of representation by the organisation in the media and community

 Question 9:

According to competencies and operational plans of CP Fitness, use the provided table to assign accountabilities and responsibilities to the following person(s).

Person(s) Responsibilities Accountabilities Resources

Reception (customer

service) (Explain what roles and responsibilities must be achieved by reception) (Identify who they are and what they need to account for) (What resources to support them to achieve their responsibilities and accountabilities)

Personal trainers

 Question 10:

Model ethical conduct in own work and encourage others at workplace to adopt business ethics.

Guideline: You are expected to imagine what you would model ethical conduct if you were a top management who has a direct responsibility for this and also has to encourage your employees to adopt business ethics within an organisation.

Case Study B

 Boutique Build Australia was established in 2013. It is a boutique building company based in Sydney that specialises in the design and build of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas.

A Strategic Plan has been developed for the company by an external consultant with input from the CEO and senior management. The rationale for the Strategic Plan is to set the direction for the company over the next three years, establish strategic priorities and to describe how these will be achieved and the measures (operational priorities) to achieve them.

A first important stage of implementing the Strategic Plan is to meet with the Senior Management team to plan the operational activities to be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives. The preliminary meeting will focus on the objectives for the upcoming year being the expansion of the company into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast markets as described in the Strategic Plan and to discuss and allocate roles and responsibilities in relation to the expansion.

The Senior Managers who will attending the meeting will be:

o Operations Manager (Bob Sales) Bob has been with the company since its inception. He was a former builder and therefore has an excellent understanding of the industry. His main role is to manage the day to day activities for the business, including setting and reviewing budgets and overseeing procurement. Marketing Manager (Jane Smith) Jane has recently joined the company. She is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including marketing planning and marketing implementation. Jane’s strengths are in digital marketing.

o Human Resources Manager (Deborah Terns) Deborah has been with the company for 2 years. She has worked in human resources for 10 years and her previous position was also with a construction company and she therefore has an excellent knowledge of the industry.

Customer Service Manager (Amar Singh) Amar has recently joined the company to manage the increasing number of sales staff. Amar previously worked with a construction company who expanded into other states and therefore has strengths in understanding how this process works

 1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation will need to last approximately 15 minutes and use graphics, such as images and tables or graphs to add interest to the presentation, as well as providing a visual representation of data. A further 15 minutes should be allocated to discussion of the operational priorities and activities required to achieve them.

Task Guideline: Your presentation should address:

· Meeting aims (scenario information and instructions provided to you in case study B)

· The purpose of the Strategic Plan.

· An outline of the organisation’s mission, vision, values and key objectives, as well as strategic priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plan.

· Ensure you build staff commitment by explaining vision and values as a shared vision, which all staff can contribute to.

· A discussion of market characteristics and conditions as described in the Strategic Plan, including the global economy and technological advances, as well as environmental trends in relation to construction.

· A discussion of the company’s strategic objectives operational priorities.

· An outline of key risks identified with regard to the Strategic Plan and at least four examples of how the company intends to manage identified risks.

· A discussion of operational priorities for the year head and activities required.

· Assigning of roles and responsibilities, as well as competencies based on the job role. Review the operational priorities in the Strategic Plan and identify specific operational activities and roles and responsibilities associated with the business expansion. For example, specific marketing activities that will need to occur and actions associated with the setting up of the new display centre. Identify at least ten (10) specific activities, as well as allocation of responsibilities according to the information about staff roles and competencies in the scenario information. This will need to be discussed and confirmed with staff at the meeting.

· Outline of all of the resources that will be in place for the expansion as set out in the Strategic Plan.

· An outline of the expectations of the company with regard to ensuring that the objectives values and standards of the company are adopted in every day interactions with customers, suppliers and other staff.

 2. Deliver your presentation and consult with staff at a meeting. The next part of the assessment requires you to deliver your presentation to the Senior Management team and seek input from staff on the new Strategic Plan, as well as operational activities required to achieve objectives.

Task Guideline: Use the PowerPoint presentation you developed in previous task to deliver your presentation.

During the presentation, you will be required to demonstrate the following:

· Interpersonal skills and build trust and confidence in your team.

· Your ability to clearly and confidently present information

· Your ability to encouraging questions from staff

· Your ability to use active listening to confirm information and ideas

· Your flexibility and adaptability to embrace ideas through your positive response to staff suggestions.

· Your ability to be a positive role model to other members of the team.

 3. Write an email to staff (your assessor). The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

Task Guideline: The email text should review the ideas discussed at the meeting, and how these will inform the Strategic Plan where relevant.

Your email should clearly show that all ideas have been considered in decision-making and indicate whether they will be implemented or not. Your rationale for implementing or otherwise should clearly show how decisions have been made based on the risk factors identified in the Strategic Plan.

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