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Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to establish systems to develop trust and confidence and manage the development and maintenance of networks and relationships.

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Task 3

Assessment Instructions

This is an individual assessment. You are required to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to establish systems to develop trust and confidence and manage the development and maintenance of networks and relationships.

If you need help understanding any questions, ask your assessor to explain. 

To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:

 You must submit:

  • answers to the case-study-based questions. 

For this assessment task, you will read and respond to a scenario by answering a set of written questions. 

  1. Read the scenario in Appendix 1. Pay particular attention to diversity and networking issues and information about your role as Brisbane Branch Manager.
  2. Review the JKL Industries simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures.
  3. Read the questions related to the scenario.
  4. Create a document with written answers to the questions.
  5. Submit a print or electronic version of your document containing answers to the questions in accordance with the specifications set out below.

 For the following scenario-based questions, put yourself in the position of the new Brisbane Branch Manager and answer the questions accordingly.

 Question 1:

As a manager new to the Brisbane area, you feel that you need to develop contacts with people internal to the organisation, such as managers, and external people, such as suppliers, business networks, managers’ networks and mentors.

How would you approach networking to achieve goals?

In your written response to the above question:

  • Describe how networking with internal and external people could help you build positive relationships to achieve organisational and professional goals. What networking or networks would you suggest?
  • Describe a situation in which you joined a network to achieve an organisational or professional development goal. Describe the network. How did you build stronger relationships within the network? What was the result of the networking for you and your organisation?

Question 2:

An employee has complained to you that some members of your team have not made any effort to accommodate non-Christians in this year’s Christmas celebrations. The employee feels excluded and disappointed that an opportunity to bring the team together has instead divided the team along religious lines.

How would you address the employee’s complaint?

In your written response to the above question:

  • Describe the workplace relationship issue and explain how you would approach the team and any suggestion you would make to resolve the issue fairly and consistent with organisational policy.
  • Describe at least two pieces of JKL Industries’ policy or procedure that conflict with the team’s behaviour towards the employee.
  • Identify the relevance of one piece of relevant legislation.
  • Describe how policies and processes can help to promote cultural diversity, ethical values and relationship-building.

Question 3:

To respond to the issue described in question one, you have decided to meet with the team member and the management team to directly address the behaviour.

How would you prepare for and approach this meeting?

In your written response to the above question:

  • Describe what potential problems you anticipate from the team.
  • Describe how you would confront the team with their unacceptable behaviour, while maintaining trust and avoiding the impression of taking sides.
  • Explain how you will seek feedback on the management of workplace relationships from the participants

Question 4:

When it comes to the end of the meeting, you have successfully reached the negotiation between the team members and the management team about the plan you proposed. Complete the following evaluation form to evaluate the feedback for improvement to your leadership style and identify the areas of improvement for future workplace relations leadership.


Evaluation form

Analysis of the stakeholder’s feedback

Improvements to your leadership style and reason

Areas of improvement for future workplace relations leadership


Question 5:

Using the simulated business information provided, and in response to a scenario, you will plan and conduct a role-play in which you provide a colleague with guidance regarding a dispute between the colleague and a member of their team.

1.Read the scenario and role-play information in Appendix 1.

2.Review and familiarise yourself with the JKL Industries simulated business documentation, including strategic plans and operational plans. Note what the organisation does, how it does it, what its goals and objectives are, and who its stakeholders and customers are.

3.Plan to lead a role-played guidance session for a peer manager in response to the scenario.

4.Plan how you will:

a.Build trust with your colleague through assuming a calm, professional and emotionally receptive attitude and demeanour.

b.Adjust your personal communication style appropriately to meet the needs (both emotional and technical) of your colleague.

c.Discuss relevant grievance policies and procedures for resolving conflict in accordance with organisational and legislative requirements.

d.Discuss strategies for identifying root causes of conflict and for resolving the conflict.

5.Arrange a time and place with your team member to participate in the role-play.

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