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Discuss the medication case study of Mr. James Sonnet

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Written Case Study

You are a Registered Nurse working in a rural hospital when a young farmer Mr. James Sonnet arrives. He has driven himself to the hospital after being stung by a bee in a nearby paddock. He complains of difficulty breathing and a tingling feeling on his face. You immediately notice that there is swelling in his lips and tongue and that he is breathing with difficulty- he has a wheeze, and he is only able to say one word at a time. The resident doctor arrives and orders 0.5mg of Adrenaline IM. Mr. James Sonnet will be discharged with an EpiPen (Adrenaline 300mcg/ 0.3mls).

This assessment item required you to discuss the medication from the case study above in relation to the below:

  1. Briefly outline the pathophysiology of this condition (anaphylaxis)
  2. Describe the pharmacodynamics of this medicine including the desired action and undesired actions. You need to discuss the molecular, biochemical, and physiological effects of drugs in relation to this patient.
  3. Describe the pharmacokinetics of this medicine. You must include the time course of its absorption, bioavailability, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. This needs to be related to this case study.
  4. Discuss nursing considerations in regard to this medicine related to this case study. For example:
    • Most appropriate route with rationale
    • Which Adrenaline (1:1000, or 1:10000) would be most suitable with rationale
    • Overdose signs and symptoms and treatment
    • Monitoring required
    • Nurse initiated situations
  5. Discuss relevant patient education that you would give this patient in regard to his discharge medicine and the presenting condition. For example:
    • How/ when to take the medication
    • Side effects he may feel when taking the medicine
    • What happens if he takes medicine without needing it
    • Suggestions on how to avoid/ manage another anaphylactic reaction
    • How to store the medicine
    • Any legal and ethical aspects
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