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Discuss the role of the early childhood teacher with regards to children’s language learning, emergent-literacy learning, multiliteracies learning and the construction of the environment through a social and play-based approach.

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Imagine you are working at a kindergarten as an Early Childhood Teacher. Drawing on the learning from the first 5 sessions, create a newsletter for parents at your Early Childhood Service which discusses the role of the early childhood teacher in children’s language, emergent-literacy and multiliteracies learning, as well as the construction of a multiliteracy-rich environment through a play-based approach. This newsletter must be supported by academic references and include content covered in the unit so far.


Follow the steps below:


1You have been asked to create a newsletter for families explaining how Early Childhood Teachers support language and multiliteracy learning in ECE

2 Start with a brief introduction, explain your understanding of language learning, emergent literacy learning and multiliteracy learning in ECE to families (perhaps provide some definitions of these and explain how this looks like in ECE to parents)

3 Make a list of the main ideas you would like to discuss in the newsletter (think about what we have covered in the unit so far with regards to children’s language and multiliteracies learning). Important components to include:

a The strategies that ECT would use to support language & emergent literacy & multiliteracy learning and development (eg: how would ECTs use play-based approach to support this learning? How would ECTs use a play-based approach to include/support children with English as an additional language to enrich their language, emergent literacy & multiliteracy learning?)

b How would ECTs construct a multiliteracy-rich environment? What's the importance of the ECT’s role in constructing a multiliteracy-rich environment? (eg: how would a multiliteracy-rich environment promote communication, social interactions, language, multiliteracy learning…?) Describe how you as an ECT would set up such environment (you could include examples of learning experiences) - remember, you are writing to parents.

c Following the above point, with such a multiliteracy-rich environment being created, how are children’s language and multiliteracy skills/learning influenced by their environment, significant others, societal influences?

4 Write a paragraph on each idea, explain and justify your ideas with support from literature (minimum 4 references are required).

5 Revise your essay and ask a peer or colleague to review your writing. This is an important step in the process to ensure your writing is at a tertiary level. Make sure you have referred back to the assessment rubric and included all elements required.

6 Submit your newsletter to the Dropbox with a reference list. Referencing is Harvard style.

The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

Criterion 1: Student demonstrates deep understanding of play-based pedagogy and explains how language, emergent literacy and multiliteracy can be supported through play including appropriate strategies.

Criterion 2: Student has demonstrated their understanding of language as a complex and contextual social act, through acknowledging the role of significant others, the child’s immediate environment and/or greater political and social influences.

Criterion 3: The way in which the student would construct a multiliteracy-rich environment has been clearly communicated. 

Criterion 4: Student has demonstrated understanding of how children generate and use language and multiliteracies in early childhood

Criterion 5: Student has effectively and appropriately made connections with literature and/or theoretical viewpoints to support their discussion.

Criterion 6: Writing is accurate and clear regarding structure, expression, grammar, spelling and presentation in the style of an essay. Word count is correct. Referencing is accurate and consistent with the Harvard style.

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