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Draft an essay highlighting challenges and barriers and strategies with evidence based practice in ICU clinical settings.

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The aims of the assessment are for students to:

  • Critically discuss barriers and challenges, and recommend strategies for implementing evidence based practice in the clinical area and ;
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature search on a clinical research question.

The purpose of this two parts assessment is to enable postgraduate students to utilise their clinical experience within their learning and skill development associated with critically reviewing the literature as part of evidence based practice. Learning Module 1 and 2 are highly relevant to this assessment.


PART A: Essay 1,800 words (40%)

With reference to your own clinical setting or a chosen one in no more than 1800 words identify the challenges and barriers and describe strategies for implementing an evidence-based practice to clinical setting. Incorporate literature into your discussion. Essential readings in the Learn Modules are useful to get you started. However, it is expected that you will conduct your own search for additional reading material. Marking criteria for the assignment are listed on the later part of this Learning Guide.

PART B: Identification of evidence 200 words (10%). Please ensure that you have completed the Search strategy activity in Module 2 prior to completing this part.

There are 5 steps altogether. Examples will be available on vUWS for your reference.

This part involves formatting a clinical research question (Step 1 & 2) and conduct a comprehensive literature search (Step 3 - 5).

Clinical research question and PICO identification (5%)

  1. Write a clinical research question then complete the PICO table (Table 1) with type of patients or problem, intervention, comparison intervention and outcome. The clinical research question should be extended from the discussion in part A.
  2. Identify keywords and search terms to describe the problem, intervention, comparison intervention and outcome and write them in the table to assist you with your literature search.

Table 1: Clinical research question and keywords Research Question:

Type of patients or problem Intervention Comparison intervention (if any) Keywords: Keywords: Keywords:

Conducting a comprehensive literature search (5%) Outcome


  1. Using the keywords and search terms identified in the table from Step 2 conduct an electronic database literature search. You can use PubMed, Medline, ProQuest Central, CINAHL database, Google search is not acceptable.
  2. Save a copy of your search history, present the search history (how keywords are used in different combination) and the results of your search. The search results should be relevant to your clinical research question and it should range from 20 -30 articles (this does not include in word count).
  3. Choose one paper from your search, present the abstract and identify PICO components.

Submit your assignment electronically. Please note you will have to cut and paste your search (step 3 - 5) onto one document for electronic submission. Resources:

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