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Essay On Hip hop Music Style

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This task gives you the opportunity to respond to the themes of MMCC1020. The requirements are as follows. o Essays must address one of the set topics below. o There is a hard maximum word count of 1700 words (including in-text references, excluding reference list). In this unit, we don't use ranges such as 'plus or minus 10 percent'. Writing to a specific word length is an important transferrable skill for anyone who will eventually be submitting job applications or grant proposals (where word counts are strictly enforced). This is why we ask students to apply the skill of editing to a prescribed word length. In short, aim to get as close as possible to 1700 words without going over that number. o Follow the APA7 referencing style guide. Please note, the guide above states that page numbers are only needed for direct quotes (and not for paraphrases or summaries). However, for this essay, we consider page numbers to be compulsory. So, whether you are quoting, paraphrasing, or summarising from a reading, you will be expected to provide page numbers for the material. o your work should demonstrate engagement with the content of the unit. For example, this means drawing on research in music studies rather than, say, paediatrics. o Essays must include a minimum of four scholarly sources. There is no upper limit on sources. o Please include the full essay topic (word for word) at the start of your essay. 
1. To what extent can I  be described as a 'subculture'? in your essay, draw on Thornton's (1997, pp. 1-4) discussion as a starting point, and acknowledge some critiques of the term 'subculture'. For instance, see Peterson and Bennett (2004, p. 2. At first glance, Pitchfork's lists of Top 200 albums for recent decades appear to be more inclusive than the canon discussed by Appen and Doehring (2006, pp. 23-24). That is, Pitchfork's lists include the work of many women and African-Americans, and are not limited to rock. Despite this, we can still argue that Pitchfork promotes 'canonical values'. How? As a starting point, see Jones's definitions of a canon (2008, pp. 14-19). 3. In what ways does I I•. reinforce or challenge dominant representations of masculinity or femininity? For an example of an article that deals with this question, see Lafrance, Burn, and Woods (2017, pp. 287). 4..11-leavyl metal makes use of its harsh lyrics, sounds and visual imagery to express critical concerns about human behaviour and decision-making and anxieties about the future' (Taylor 2009, p. 89). Discuss this claim in relation to heavy metal's environmental concerns. 5. Examine one or two examples of hip hop from a country other than the US or the UK. What is distinctive about this music? How has the music been adapted to its local context? 
insert the genre of your choice here. For instance, you might write about hyperpop, death metal, shoegaze, vaporwave, or another genre. You might find the critiques convincing enough to discard the term 'subculture' altogether and use another term, such as 'scene'. Insert the artist of your choice here. 

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