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Write an Essay On Social Movements

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Option One: Essay question on social movements

 Choose a social movement from the list below:

  • The 1999 ‘Battle for Seattle’
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Time’s Up/Me Too
  • Extinction Rebellion (XR)
  • The Reproductive Justice movement
  • Anti-incarceration movements (focus on either US-based or Australian movements)
  • The movement to achieve a First Nations Voice to Parliament
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • The 2014 Umbrella Movement or the 2019-20 Hong Kong Protests
  • Youth Climate Strikes
  • Marriage Equality movements1
  • SlutWalk/Reclaim the Night2
  • The Arab Spring3
  • The Gezi Park Protests

For your chosen social movement, write an essay that addresses the following questions:

  • What were some of the causes for this movement emerging?
  • What forms of change does this movement seek?
  • How did the movement assemble, communicate, and organize, and what forms of action did they undertake?
  • What role did technology play in aiding (or undermining) their aims?
  • What forms of resistance did this social movement encounter?
  • To what extent has the movement succeeded in achieving its aims? Why, why not?

Please do not respond to these questions as separate short responses, but rather as a single cohesive essay which presents an overall argument about the causes, aims, strategies, obstacles, and outcomes of the chosen social movement.

Option Two: Opinion piece for an Australian newspaper on youth mental health


Write an opinion piece to be published in an Australian newspaper of your choice which discusses youth mental health in Australia from a sociological perspective. You will need to narrow down the focus of your piece to make one persuasive and evidence-based argument, for example:

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