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HR role in IT Sector

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Assignment questions

This assignment is made up of 3 (three) short answer questions.

Each question:

  1. should be a minimum of 300 words and no more than 350 words in length (marks will be deducted for assignments which are outside these word limits).
  2. needs to be supported by at least 3 (three) references other than the text or study book.
  3. should use a brief introduction (approx 10% of your final word count) as well as a conclusion of the same length (approx 10% of your final word count).

Question: You are the HR recruitment advisor in an information technology business called The IT Company which has adopted a rapid expansion strategy. The IT Company needs to decide on the best way to have staff that are capable of fitting in with the organisation, while also having the skills to enable its rapid expansion. Your task is to summarise the best option/s for recruiting staff from within the company or whether staff should be recruited from outside the organisation in a very short format (for the boss who is well known for only reading executive summaries! However you are being asked to write a short essay here, not an executive summary.)

Question: In your HR role, you need to plan an induction and orientation program for The IT Company. The brief program needs to outline and briefly explain the key points of the program that support the rapid expansion strategy.

Question: Due to the IT Companys planned rapid expansion strategy, existing teams will be restructured and expanded. This will mean that performance methods (to be used 1 year after the beginning of the business expansion) will need to provide the best source of information about each team member. Your task is to provide advice about the behaviourally based performance measurement methods that should be used in this environment.

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