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The Stono Rebellion is evidence that slaves in eighteenth-century South Carolina _________.
a. had a sense of community independent from their white masters
b. had broken all ties with African culture
c. had been absorbed into a culture of inclusion
d. were incapable of resistance without white leadership

Before the 1730s, the most profitable activity of the early Carolina economy was __________.
a. growing rice
b. the Indian slave trade
c. growing indigo and tobacco
d. producing timber and naval stores

What group of Native Americans violently resisted French settlement in Louisiana?
a. Natchez
b. Pueblo
c. Cherokee
d. Iroquois

Eighteenth-century slave masters were reluctant to allow their slaves to become Christians because they __________.
a. believed slaves could not understand Christian teachings
b. wanted to keep Africans and whites as far from each other as possible
c. did not want to see Christianity influenced by African religions
d. feared Christianity would give the slaves dangerous ideas about freedom and equality

The Navigation Acts passed between 1651 and 1696 __________.
a. opened trade within the British empire to any nation
b. encouraged colonial manufacturing
c. consolidated the English colonies into one centralized trading unit
d. defined the role colonies would play within the British empire

The term "Middle Passage" refers to __________.
a. slave voyages from Africa to America
b. the slave trade between America and Europe
c. sugar sent to New England to be distilled into rum
d. the transport of slaves from the West Indies to the American South

These two crops were the basis of South Carolina's export wealth in the 1700s.
a. sugar and cattle
b. tobacco and sugar
c. rice and tobacco
d. indigo and rice

What English colony was founded, in part, to create a buffer zone against Spanish invasions from Florida?
a. Alabama
b. Louisiana
c. Georgia
d. South Carolina

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