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ICTNWK546 Manage Network Security Assignment

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Section 1: Security design preparation 

Network security planning Provide an outline of the  processesyou will use to  plan, build and manage a network security design to meet the organisation’s requirements. 

  •  Create password specifications 
  •  Describe the safety measures for email 
  •  How should sensitive data be handled? 
  •  Establish guidelines for using technology 
  •  Establish guidelines for using Facebook and twitter 
  •  Be ready for a situation 
  •  Update your policy as necessary.

ICT assets Provide an overview of  the organisation’s assets  that need protecting. Remember assets are not  just physical assets. Categorise each of the  assets in terms of their  value. The value does not  need to be a monetary  value but instead can be  based on the value to the  organisation e.g., high,  medium, low, etc. 

  1.  People—Human resources are usually a company's most  significant asset, so they should be given higher weight when assessing  risk. (High) 
  2.  Property can consist of both physical and immaterial items  (Medium) 
  3.  Legal responsibility: Legal risks should be handled separately  because they may affect both people and property. This is partially due to  the amount of litigation that increasingly affects the military industry  (Low)no

Threat modelling Describe at least three  major threats to network  security that can happen  to any organisation, as  well as where these threats originate from. For each threat, describe  a system vulnerability  that may have led to the  threat. 

  1.  Opening a questionable email or software can download malware and  viruses. This can also be avoided if malware and anti-virus applications  are used. 
  2.  DDos attacks happen in the absence of a firewall or other information  security software. 
  3.  Person in the Middle happens when users connect in an unsecured  manner.

Risk management plan For each of the threats  you have identified, identify the level of risk  that the threat presents  (use a risk legend to do  this). Rank the threats in order  of severity from least  severe to most severe. Outline a risk control  relevant to each threat. Use the table included in  the Portfolio to develop  your plan. 

Risk 1. 

Man in the Middle Attack

Risk Control

• Employing a secure network 

• Visiting reliable websites 

• Your cable network firewall installation

Risk 2. 

DDoS Attack 

Risk Control

• Putting in a firewall 

Risk 3. 


Risk Control

• Putting security programs, such as antivirus or antimalware, in place 

• Avoid downloading or launching dodgy programs from emails or websites you don't trust

Section 2: Security design and policy 

  1. Network security design Provide an overview of your  design to protect network  security.  
  2. Include screenshots to  illustrate your work as  required.  
  3. Make sure you take into  account themanufacturer’s  recommendations for use of  the tools you will incorporate into your design. Write about how you  have done this.  
  4. Further, include the costs of  the equipment/software you  have identified and  The network security design from IT Biz Solutions Security offers a  complete answer to all of their security requirements. Data encryption,  secure communication protocols, secure authentication and authorisation,  virus protection, and intrusion detection and prevention are all included in  the design. The design also incorporates a thorough monitoring and  recording system to guarantee that all traffic is tracked and recorded for  forensic investigation and incident response. A strong patch management  system is also incorporated into the design to guarantee that all systems  and apps are maintained up to date with the most recent security  updates. Last but not least, the design incorporates a disaster recovery  strategy to guarantee that the network and its data are safeguarded in  case of an emergency. 
  • Before a connection is installed, a firewall will be constructed in  each office. 
  • To prevent unauthorised users from using the network, the  firewall will be configured to give out a public IP address. 
  • Every PC will have antivirus and anti-malware software installed.

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