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Impact of Climate Change in (Developing countries) Research Report

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You have recently been shortlisted for a job as a policy analyst with the United Nations

Environmental Protection Agency in New York. As part of the selection process, you have been asked to write a short report on the impact of climate change on developing countries.

 Because this topic is very broad, you can choose a specific developing country for your investigation. In your research you need to address the following issues:

  • Provide a brief overview of your chosen
  • Provide an overview of the global significance of climate change by addressing the following questions: What is climate change? Why is it important? What is its global significance? Why is it a relevant issue for your chosen country?
  • Undertake a case study of the effects of climate change on your chosen developing Here, you may want to narrow down your focus on a specific industry (such as agriculture or tourism as examples). How is climate change affecting the country/sector? What are some of the implications of emerging climate trends? What are some of the measures taken in the country to mitigate the impacts of climate change on your chosen industry/sector? How effective have these measures been? And why? What are some of the economic and social costs of these measures?
  • Based on (b) and (c) above, discuss why the efforts of your chosen country in tackling climate change are unlikely to have limited results? Why are the efforts of your chosen country insufficient to address the impacts of climate change? Propose / advocate possible actions from a global citizenship perspective? Discuss the role global mindset in raising awareness of climate change and possible solutions at the local level in your chosen country. How can citizens of your country contribute towards a global solution for climate change?

 Your research proposal serves as the initial stage in executing your research project. The purpose of the research proposal is to ensure that: 

  • You have identified a viable and feasible country/sector for you to
  • You have given some thoughts on the specifics of the proposed topic
  • You have done some preliminary scoping of the resources which you will require to execute the project, including the availability of research material and statistical data
  • You have a workable plan to execute the project on

 The 200-word research proposal must address the following:

  • Report Title: Provide a meaningful title for your report (maximum 15 words)
  • Name of Author- student number
  • The country and sector that you have chosen to Why did you choose this country/sector and what is the significance of climate change for this country/sector?
  • You need to clearly state 2-3 specific objectives and/or research questions which will form the basis of your investigation. These are the questions that underpin your research? What is it that you are investigating and trying to find answers for?
  • Provide a short list of key resources (such as credible sources for your data) which you have identified and which will assist you in your research to indicate that you have done some preliminary scoping of the

You will receive feedback and approval on your research proposal from your lecturer. Once you receive feedback, you should take the suggestions and comments into consideration in executing your research.

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