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Improve health and safety (WHS/OHS) Project Assessment

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You are a team leader at Entry Group and you have set up a team of 4 people who work for you.  Georgie, Anthony, Tanya and Ray.  Your team has been given a project from management that is designed to improve health and safety (WHS/OHS) in the workplace.  There has been a recent increase in back injuries related to inappropriate ergonomics when working in the office.

Task 1 - Develop a work plan that includes the following:

  • Identify and establish team objectives and work processes
  • Document identified objectives and work processes (team roles, responsibilities, project goals)
  • Incorporate innovation and productivity measures into the work plan
  • Communication strategy (including all stakeholders)
  • Consultation methods
  • Feedback methods
  • Methods of encouraging and supporting the whole team

Please upload the work plan document labelled "Task 1"

Task 2  - Draft an email to your team members - upload an email to be sent to Georgie, Anthony, Tanya and Ray.  You are required to model a participative leadership style when communicating to your team.  The below must be included in the draft email of which can be a Word document:

  • Provide feedback to the team on their efforts and contributions
  • Explain to each team member what your contribution has been and what you expect them to achieve in their role in the team 
  • Encourage team members to participate in and take responsibility for the activities and communication processes, identifying and resolving problems that impede performance

Please upload the email draft/s labelled "Task 2"

Task 3 - Your team is doing well!  The team has put forward a list of issues that need to be communicated to line management.  As team leader, your job is to establish open communication with line management and communicate unresolved issues, problems and concerns raised by the team for line management to action.

You are to upload a video message to line management, similar to a zoom conversation.  The following issues have been raised by your team:

  • Regular slip hazards
  • Faulty electrical equipment being given to employees
  • Lack of breaks
  • Inability to allow a hybrid work environment where half of the work week is in office and the other half from home

Upload the video labelled "Task 3"

Task 4 - Your manager has responded with the following email to your video.

"Thankyou for bringing these issues to my attention.  I understand you've put together a work plan to resolve the workplace health and safety concerns that have been raised.  I'd like to raise some key issues the management team would like me to discuss so that you can talk about this at the next team meeting.  Over the years here at Entry group, we have had a number of work health and safety committees established but unfortunately none of them have been able to successfully change the organisational culture to address the issues.  As you may have noticed, we have staff leaving boxes in hallways which is a trip hazard and really needs to be addressed quickly.  We've also found that people are using equipment that has not gone through the test and tag process with the facilities team which could pose a danger to themselves and others.  In your team meeting we'd like you to raise these issues and come up with a plan on how we can tackle the problems.  Again, thanks for raising this, I'll follow up with you after your meeting"

Draft an email to the team ensure it covers the response from management:

  • Communicate the information from management
  • Note the unresolved issues concerns and problems raised by management for the team to action
  • Ensure the glowing feedback from management is given to your team

Upload the email draft labelled "Task 4"

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