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Introduction to MATLAB – Step by Step Exercise Assignment

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Large list of exercise: start doing now!

1 – 35: Basic (variables, GUI, command window, basic plot, for, if, functions)

36 – 40: Medium (functions)

41 – 45: Medium (matrices)

46 – 51: Medium (plot)

52 – 55: Medium (integration)

56 – 60: Advanced (combined problems)

  • Open MATLAB(student AMO/AIR)  
  • Make sure that you recognize the Graphic User  Interface (GUI)
  • Look for the command window, and use it as a  calculator: 
    •  2+2
    •  2 * 2
    •  22


  • Create variables at the command window: 
  • Create variables based on other variables:  
  • Create vectors:  
  • Operation with vectors:  
  • Create column vectors  
  • Other ways to create vectors:  
  • Creating Matrices:  
  • Operation with Matrices:  
  • Accessing elements in the Matrix:  
  • Check that your variables are at the workspace: 
  • Create and save a script (no spaces, MATLAB folder): 
  • Start your script by clearing the variables ans summing 2 + 2:  
  • Run your script and check the answer (ans) on  the command window: 
  • Create a vector in your script with a list of dates:
  • Realize that, by putting ; at the end of the line the  command does not appear at the command window:  
  • Sum up all the ages:  
  • Save the number of dates inside the vector  "dates" into a variable ":  
  • Write a comment  
  • Calculate the average of the dates by dividing  the sum by the number of elements  
  • Display in the command line a text, and later the  average  
  • Plot the sin(dates)  
  • Plot (dates)2 / (150000) – 0.02* (dates) + 12:  
  • Use "hold on" between the two plots :  
  • Realize that we can transform numbers to string and  use it to display test inside a "disp" as a vector  
  • Create a for to read each element of the vector and  display its value  
  • Create a "if" to check if a year is before, equal or  after year 1800  
  • Incorporate and modify the "if" inside your "for", to  check if a date is before, after or equal 1814  
  • Adapt your code from 29 to solve the example from  last week: 

Create a a code that checks if you can buy alcohol in Norway, the type of alcohol, if you can enter in a night club, and if you can teach your friend to drive:

  • Function: a named section of a program that  performs a specific task. Realized that "sum", "length"  and "times" is a function  
  • Study the basic command to create a function: 
    • function to add any two numbers:

  • Based on 32, created a function that adds two  numbers called "add_numbers".  
  • Use your "add_numbers:  
  • Create a new function, that multiply 2 numbers,  and use it  
  • Create a function that transform years in days 
  • Create a function that check if a number is above  or bellow 1814  
  • Create a function that receives a vector and  display all the elements of this vector 
  • Create a function that calculates sigma for a  cantilever given your P, L and h  
  • Create a function calculate the area (I) between  two points (a,b) by the trapezoidal rule:

  • Create matrices dand by concatenating vectors aand c:  

  • Consider the a = 2, b=4, c=6, d=9 and calculate  2A in MATLAB given :  

  • Consider ? = pi/6, m’=4, n’=2, calculate the value  of [m,n] for: 

  • Solve the problem from 1st day, calculating how  much sales the shop makes on each day in matrix  operations: 

Matrix multiplication example:
• Beef pies cost $3 each
• Chicken pies cost $4 each
• Vegetable pies cost $2 each They are sold in 4 days

the value of sales for Monday is calculated as:
• Beef pie value + Chicken pie value + Vegetable pie value
= $3×13 + $4×8 + $2×6 = $83
= ($3, $4, $2) • (13, 8, 6) = $3×13 + $4×8 + $2×6 = $83

  • Create a multi-dimensional matrix based on the  figure below: 

  • Obtain the following plot:  

  • Obtain the similar curving fit data using polyfit  and polyval:  

  • Obtain the following 3D plot:  

  • Define a meshgrid and plot the following


  • Plot the following 3D curves using the plot3 function 

  • Plot the following 3D curves using the surf function  Sine surface 

  • Describe each part from the trapezoidal  

  • Remind about differential equations, and how 

  • Using the trapezoidal function plot and integrate  (0-pi/2) for f(x) = sen(x) and f(x) = cos(x) 

  • Using the trapezoidal function plot and integrate  the number of passengers 

  • Plot the bell-shaped function f(x), x range [0,1],  varying ? in [1.5, 2, 4, 9 ]   

Using the trapezoidal function, calculate the area from the range x [0.2, 0.8] for all four ?

  • Plot the following solids in revolution (cylinder)  function and calculate its volume 

  • Design a group of cranes, varying square cross  section and load for L = 3m. Check if crane  collapses (?max = 250MPa)

  • Giving the cities represented by letters A to F, and  the distance among them represented by the value in  the connecting line, calculate the shortest order to visit ALL the cities 

  • Sketch a problem of your own which you think that MATLAB can help to solve 

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