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Topic overview

You are to write a report to the CEO that examines an organisation’s transformation to digitalisation and recommend a change framework and a change implementation approach.

 Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure:

  •  Your communication and use of business literacies (15%)
  • Your ability to detail and discuss organisational problems (15%)
  • Your ability to select and justify a change framework (20%)
  • Your ability to identify and discuss key organisational constraints (15%)
  • Your ability to articulate a change implementation approach (20%)
  • Supporting research (15%)


Digitalisation has, and will continue to have, a dramatic impact on every aspect of business operations. Most notably, there has been a significant increase in the pace of digitalisation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Maryam Hospital in Melbourne, Australia is one of the organisations that is planning to transform its practices in response to the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and they hired a young energetic CEO to implement the change. The hospital will introduce a telehealth platform that empowers patients to consult with clinicians remotely via teleconferencing. Although this project was welcomed by eligible patients and resulted in some positive outcomes such as increased efficiency during the pilot trial, clinicians have expressed some concerns regarding workload implications. Although different remote patient monitoring platforms have been used by other hospitals in Australia and around the world, Maryam hospital has made no changes to their patient monitoring practices in the last 10 years. This is despite the fact that the benefits of using patient monitoring platforms have been found to improve patient care.

 At a meeting after the pilot trial, the CFO of Maryam Hospital expressed his support for the project by referring to the promising outcomes in terms of cost savings. The COO, however, raised his concern about the execution of the project saying that ‘ the IT systems we’ll need to support the platform are complex and will require more time to implement. As I said before the trial, it is going to take more than what was planned to update the IT system. And how about the users? Do we have enough time to train them how to use the platform?’ He then referred to the HR manager asking ‘what do you think? Have we started any training?’ The HR manager indicated that no training has been conducted. The COO was then interrupted by the new CEO. The CEO highlighted the urgent nature of the change asking for more understanding and collaboration. He also asked the team to encourage clinicians to understand the urgency of the situation to which the COO responded ‘How can we ask them to understand the situation when they don’t even know about the details of the project. This is going to double their workload. Have you even talked to them after the pilot trial to see what they think about this platform? In my talks with some of them, they are not even sure if this is going to work.’

 Your task

You have been tasked to:

  1.  Identify the objectives of the digital transformation plan and develop strategies to gain commitment from stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers, executives, etc.).
  2. With reference to learning materials in this subject (and beyond), select an organisational change framework (or synthesise elements from a number of appropriate change frameworks), and justify the appropriateness of this organisational change framework for addressing the problems.
  3. Identify and discuss likely internal and external constraints to the implementation of organisational change.
  4. In pursuit of creating a more innovative, flexible and adaptive organisation, develop practical and evidence-based approaches for resolving the organisational problems, taking into consideration steps towards mitigating the aforementioned constraints.

Submission format

This assignment should be written in a professional and engaging manner using a report format, meaning that you need to develop coherent, well-supported and logical arguments following a basic report structure. A concise guide for writing reports in business school is provided here:

 Writing a report

The report should be approximately 2000 words not including: in-text referencing, the references list, or any headings.

 Your report structure will include: Cover page, Executive Summary (1 page including recommendations), Table of Contents, Body of the Report, Conclusion, Recommendations, and References.

 Click on the below headings to reveal further information.

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