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MBA623 Strategic Management Assessment

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MBA623 Assessment 1 Supplementary Guide

If you have any questions regarding this assessment or require an extension your workshop facilitator is your first point of contact.

You workshop facilitator will be able to provide with an extension up to one week. Another longer than that please go through Kaplink

Please note: The instructions in here are to be used in conjunction with Assessment 1 Information sheet, the Marking Rubric therein, and the provided assessment resources. Please consult with all these resources before commencing work on this Assessment 1.

Assessment 1 considers the following learning outcomes:

LO1: Survey the environment of healthcare management in Australia and the increasing need to deliver better value to all stakeholders


A review of the existing activities and the way they are set up to operate for the provision of consumer (patient) centred care in your selected organisation.

Select a healthcare organisation that is directly engaged in the provision of care to the consumer (patient), preferably from within your state.


The healthcare organisation can be a public or private (for-profit or not-for-profit) healthcare organisation. There needs to be available a detailed website and have published a comprehensive annual report from which you could source information about the organisation’s operations. Private healthcare organisations tend to provide more information than public healthcare organisations.

Below is a suggested way to structure your report:

  1. Introduction

Short description of your chosen healthcare organisation. Scope of the report i.e., what it will cover.

  1. Overview of Current Patient-Centric Activities (Marking Rubric Criterium 1 i.e., the first row of the rubric)

Provide a general overview of the different aspects of their operation and activities they undertake that are consumer (patient) centred. You could focus on a specific department in the organisation. For example, emergency department or the organisation as a whole. You might also review the business culture (does it support the provision of patient-centred care?).

You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.

  1. Identified Areas for Improvement (Marking Rubric Criterium 1 i.e., the first row of the rubric)

Based on your analysis/overview above, provide an evaluation of any gaps or opportunities for improvement in patient-centred care. You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.

  1. Proposed Healthcare Model (Marking Rubric Criterium 2 i.e., the second row of the rubric)
    1. Provide a detailed description of your proposed healthcare model that could address the gaps or opportunities supporting your statements with in-text citations. Your model has to be linked to the gaps/opportunities you identified in the previous section.

The healthcare model can be an improvement on an existing model they are currently using or it can be something totally new. Areas of healthcare models to explore include but not limited to; patient demographic, a particular health condition, staffing, access to healthcare, consumer (patient) engagement, leadership, teamwork, organisational structure, service expansion or it can relate to a specific department within the organisation such as the emergency or out-patient department of a hospital. Out-of-hospital care. Whatever you chose this needs to be linked to being patient centred.

You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.

  1. Expected benefits on the safety and quality of care with a particular focus on the consumer (patient).

Here you can offer a broad discussion on the benefits to the patient. For example, engagement, experience, patient outcome, faster recovery, etc. Also include a discussion on the benefits to the organisation and other stakeholders i.e., how will the proposed model provide improved value to concerned stakeholders.

You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.

  1. Organisational set-up and resources required to implement the proposed healthcare model.

How do you propose to implement the healthcare model? What staffing, competency, technological and training resources will you require for successful implementation?

Will there be any other resources that you will need?

You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.

  1. Potential Challenges for Model Implementation and Recommendations to Overcome Them (Marking Rubric Criterium 3 i.e., the third row of the rubric)
    1. What are some of the challenges you are likely to experience as a healthcare manager in charge of the implementation
    2. what recommendations do you suggest to overcome them. Said another way, how do you propose to solve these problems?
    3. You can frame this section as your conclusion as well to cut down on word count.

You will need to support your statements with evidence and in-text citations.


Specific research about each of the above criteria will be pivotal to your success. Conduct research into each of the areas above to get ideas that you could implement in your specific case. You are required to provide at least 10 citations.


Step 1: Research and read to learn further about patient centred care. https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/our-work/partnering-consumers/person-centred-care



Step 2: Research and read further about the latest patient centred care models that are being introduced around the world for ideas.





Step 3: With that information in mind, select an appropriate organisation for your project.

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