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MBIS4005 Project Management-“Boeing’s Virtual Fence” Project Report

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In this project, you will work in groups of 4 – 5 people. The group must do the tasksdescribed below. The Case Study “Boeing’s Virtual Fence” is described in thepenultimate page of this guide. Your group must use any project management tools forexample: Project Libre, MS Project.

Using the suggested project management tools, you must create:

• Setting up Your Project

• Create Schedule

• Create Milestones

• Create the WBS

• Defining Resource

s• Assigning Resources

• Set Up a Resource Calendar

• Finding Overallocated Resources

• Fix the Overallocations

• Crashing a Critical Path Activity

• Develop Summary Project Budget

• Create the First Time Baseline and save different Baselines versionsaccording to changes.

• Recalculates the Schedule Based on Reported Actuals

• Identify Current and Future Impacts of Time and Cost Variance

• Creating Project Progress Reports

Process, structure, and content:

1.The process of the project is the development of the tasks described in this guide.Students are advised to execute the main project management tools. You will be able topractices the most important tools related in project management.

2.The structure of the project is the competition of the tasks, the contents of which aredetailed below. It is the report that requires submitting as the finished piece of work. It is thereport that will be marked. Ad hoc work in whatever form will not be marked if submitted.The report content will comprise of the following sections:Title page: this must contain the title of the report (e.g. ‘Project Plan for Acme Airlines’),names and student numbers of each group member, unit name, unit number and date ofsubmission.

3.Table of contents (TOC): ideally, but not necessarily, constructed using the hyperlinkfunctions in Word. Lists of figures and tables are not required.Introduction: the introduction informs the reader of the aims and methods the group willuse in the project. It also defines the scope of the project (what is included and what is not).Whilst it may mention the chosen organisation by name, the introduction DOES NOT talk indetail about the chosen organisation or its industry.Conclusions: through logical reasoning, this section should summarise how the Projectobjectives and subsequent strategies offer feasible, suitable, and acceptable solutions tothe Project issues generated by the analysis.List of references: this should be formatted in Harvard style.

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