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MENG 613: Total Energy Systems and Design  Assessment

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The thermal arrangement of a 30,000 SHP power plant shown in Figure 1 is upgraded to a  regenerative cycle 30,000 SHP power plant as shown in Figure 2. In the regenerative cycle  power plant, a breeding steam stream is taken from the crossover pipe between the HP and LP  

Figure 1 Thermal Arrangement of 30,000 SHP Power Plant 

turibnes at 86.5 psia and 1,273 Btu/lb. After a pressure regulator, the steam stream becomes 50 psia to the deaerating feedwater tank. In the tank, the maxture of the feedwater is at the  saturated state and the temperature is 281 oF (250.1 Btu/lb enthalpy). 

Obviously, bleeding steam from the crossover wil result in reduction of the horse power  developed in the plant since less steam passes through the low pressure turbine. To  compensate for the breeding and keep the same 30,000 SHP, the steam out of the boiler must  be increased. 

Figure 2 Upgraded Regenerative Cycle 30,000 SHP Power Plant 

Knowing that the steam entering to the main condenser (1.5” Hg abs) is in saturated state and  assuming that Ql is the quantity of the steam bled in lb/hr and Qt is the increase in steam out of  the boiler required in lb/hr, feed pump regain per pound of water is 6 Btu/lb, determine 1. Net heat input to the boiler, Btu/hr. 

  1. Fuel oil consumption, lb/hr, assuming fuel heating value of 18,546 Btu/lb and boiler  efficiency of 88%. 
  2. Specific fuel rate, lb/shp-hr.  

Completion of the HW by

(Showing your work step by step, clearly show data, parameters, equations, and calculation) 

  1. First, presenting design statement. 
  2. Show your calculation and steps. 
  3. Presenting a heat flow tabulation as shown in the class slide. 
  4. Attaching the regenerative cycle thermal arrangement diagram showing the bleeding  amount of Ql and required amount of Qt
  5. Finally, presenting design summary (one paragraph is OK).

Reference: Topic Three


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