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MGMT3010 Strategic Management Assessment

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  1. Define modern strategic management?
  2. Why is success in the implementation of strategy is critical for improving organisational performance?
  3. How could a firm protect itself and grow in an industry characterised by low barriers to entry?
  4. What are the exit barriers from the industry? 
  5. Which is more important in explaining the success and failure of companies in the rapidly changing environment: the ability to improvise or strategise? Why?
  6. Why do we need to understand dynamic capabilities?
  7. Check your understanding: how dynamic capabilities enable a company to adapt its internal and external competences in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment?
  8. When are resources and competencies valuable for a firm?
  9. Why do not firms try to maximise their economies of scale and run their operations on the largest possible scale?
  10. does cost advantage always lead to higher profits in organisations?
  11. How can firms implement an integrated approach of cost leadership and differentiation?
    can a firm use cost leadership business-level strategy and differentiation strategy simultaneously?
  12. why is diversification such an important component of a firm's strategy? 
  13. Does a firm need to diversify across different businesses in order to benefit from economies of scope?
  14. Explain the reasons of failure of merger and acquisition activity  .
  15. Explain, why competition occur at a network level rather than at an organisational level?
    What are the benefits of strategic alliances?
  16. Explain the benefits of a global strategy ?
  17. Why new competitive landscape calls for partnerships?
  18. Explain, what is strategy evaluation?
  19. How is the Waterman and Peters 7S Model used for the purpose of strategy evaluation?
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