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Microbial Genetics Assessment

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1. Vertical gene transfer is the process of genes being passed down from parent to offspring.

a. True                    

b. False

2. When bacteria take up naked genetic material from the surrounding environment, this is called...

a. transformation

b. transduction

c. conjugation

d. vertical gene transfer

e. replication

3. If I were examining a sequence of base pairs in a DNA molecule, which sequence would be possible in a properly constructed double-stranded DNA molecule?

a. A+T, C+G, T+A, T+A, G+C

b. A+T, G+C, C+C, T+U, G+T

c. G+C, C+G, A+U, U+A, T+A

d. G+G, C+C, A+A, T+T, G+G

4. If this is the base sequence of a strand of DNA 

(A T G C C), what would be the base sequence of the complimentary DNA strand?

a. T A C G G

b. A T G C C

c. U A C G G

d. A U G C C

5. When one bacterium transfers a copy of its plasmid to another bacterium, this is called...

a. transformation

b. transduction

c. conjugation

d. vertical gene transfer

e. replication

6. Transformation, transduction and conjugation are all examples of...

a. horizontal gene transfer

b. asexual reproduction

c. vertical gene transfer

d. diagonal gene transfer

e. binary fission

7.. What is the name of the process of bacterial DNA being transferred from one bacterium to another by a virus?

a. transformation

b. transduction

c. conjugation

d. vertical gene transfer

e. replication

8. Which type of RNA includes the anticodon and brings the amino acids to the site of protein synthesis?

a. mRNA       b. rRNA      c. tRNA     d. DNA     e.dRNA

9. Where does replication occur in eukaryotic cells?

a. wherever there is DNA

b. only in the nucleus

c. only in the ribosome

d. only in the mitochondria

10. Which nucleotide bases could be found in a molecule of RNA?

a. adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine

b. adenine, guanine, thymine

c. adenine, guanine, cytosine, uracil

d. sugar, phosphate and base

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