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MINE325/825 Foundations of Geo-metallurgy –Assignment

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Question 1 Using the information shown below, construct the following Washability Curves: -

i) The Cumulative Floats Curve

ii) The Cumulative sinks Curve

iii) The Instantaneous Ash Curve

iv) The Specific Gravity Curve

Question 2 If Coking Coal with 7.0 % Ash is to be produced from the coal in Question 1, what will be the yield of Clean Coal product and the required density of separation? If a secondary Steaming Coal product can be sold with a 28% average Ash, what will be the required density for this separation, what percentage of feed will be recovered as Steaming Coal and what will be the remaining average Ash percentage of the final tailings?

Question 3 A mineral processing plant treats 500 tonnes/hr of an 8.0% zinc ore, using Rougher, Cleaner and Scavenger cells. The froth from the Rougher cells contains 30.0% zinc and the tailings 2.55 zinc. The froth from the Cleaner cells contains 50.0% zinc and the tailings 10.0% zinc The froth from the Scavenger cells contains 7.0% zinc and the tailings 1.0% zinc. Using metallurgical balances or otherwise, prepare a flowsheet for the plant, to show the tonnages of materials and the tonnes of zinc processed in each of the Rougher, cleaner and scavenger cells, including the re-circulating loads.

Question 4 How would you choose between using Drum Filters, Disc Filters and Belt Filters?

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