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This task provides you with opportunities to learn the knowledge (GLO1 & ULO1) and skills (GLO 2 & ULO2; required in the study and practice international human resource management. By completing this task, you will develop your skills in researching, understanding, applying, evaluating, and presenting information required of human resource professionals working across a range of international contexts.


You are the head of HR Strategy for Mr. Nice Pie, an Australian fast food company that specialises in the iconic Australian meat pie and variations (like KFC specialises in fried chicken, for example). The company is seeking to expand in overseas markets, and you are responsible for the International HRM strategy. The company has decided that it will start by opening ONE new fast food outlet in the Asia-Pacific region..

The new international Mr. Nice Pie outlet needs to be a success in terms of the following strategic HRM goals of the emerging MNE:

(i) Responsible and ethical recruitment from Topic 4

  • Alignglobal operations, regarding cultural and institutional factors, to achieve market growth/customer satisfaction (Topics 2-5)

You need to decide which country in the Asia Pacific region you are going to establish the new Mr. Nice Pie.

Specific Requirements

This assignment takes the form of a standard university essay. You MUST have:

  • anintroduction,
  • abody of content setting out the arguments for each of the areas outlined below
  • aconclusion summarising the key 

Your essay MUST include the following:

  • givethe reasons for deciding the country in which to put the first fast food outlet in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • explainhow your decision will help  Nice Pie meets its strategic HRM goals;
  • explainthe design of the outlet’s processes of recruitment and selection;
  • setout your priorities for training and development for the  Nice Pie outlet;
  • considerationof the host country’s legislative or regulatory requirements, including the presence and influence of trade unions in the fast food sector in the 

· Ensure that you adhere to the word limit ofyour essay within 3000 words maximum, not including references

  • Ensurethat you cover ALL aspects of the essay questions i-v.
  • Inyour, analysis you should draw on authoritative sources to support your arguments and  ‘Authoritative’ means peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly texts andresearch books, mainstream media, employer associations, trade unions, and reputable public institutions.
  • Youshould not refer to internet blogs or unsubstantiated web content, recognisable by them having no legitimacy in representation and no authority accountable to public, political or academic 

· There is no requirement or recommendation as to the number of maximum sources that should be cited. However, as a common rule of thumb, a minimum of at least 10 references is recommended to write anessay of 3000 words (but this is not prescriptive and should not be seen as a maximum).

  • Youressay should be presented in a reader-friendly way, so please ensure it:
    • hasa title page
    • iswritten in essay format
    • isin 12pt font
    • is5 spaced with 2 cm margins on each side
    • hasnumbered pages
    • usescorrect in-text referencing (Australian Harvard system)
    • includesa reference list which begins on a new page and is correctly formatted (Deakin Australian Harvard system:

https://www.deakin.edu.au/ data/assets/pdf_file/0012/2230401/Deakin-guide-to- Australian-Harvard.pdf

Study support is available from: https://www.deakin.edu.au/students/studying/study-support

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