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Nursing Documentation Quiz

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1. This is the main basis for cost reimbursement rates by government plans.

  • A. Critical pathway
  • B. Minimum datasheet
  • C. Diagnoses related groups
  • D. Patient expense documentation

2. What kind of documentation is the following? 0800-1300 0 45, pain scale 0/10, hand and leg, strong to the right, weak to the left. Skin pink, warm and dry, turgor good, incision to Rt. Anterior chest wall erythema or edema ...................Jane Night, LPN.

  • A. Kardex
  • B. Narrative
  • C. Nurse's Notes
  • D. Shift report

3. _________ is a traditional charting?

  • A. Narrative
  • B. Problem-Oriented Medical Record
  • C. SOAPE
  • D. DARE

4. The right difference between PIE and SOAPE formats is

  • A. SOAPE is from a medical model, whereas PIE is from the nursing process.
  • B. PIE is part of a medical model, and SOAPE is not.
  • C. Both are same
  • D. PIE is a part of SOAPE.

5. When does discharge planning ideally begin?

  • A. During admission
  • B. After admission
  • C. Before admission
  • D. Without admission

6. ______ is not in the process of adding written valuable information for a health care record?

  • A. Recording
  • B. Charting
  • C. Data entry
  • D. Documenting
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