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Nutrition & Society Assignment

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Task Summary

You need to write a professional report discussing a nutritional health issue in relation to a specific community in Australia. A professional report is written with the assumption that the intended audience has some knowledge of the topic – this needs to be reflected in your writing style.Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


This assessment allows you to delve deeper into a nutrition health issue in a specific community in Australia to further your understanding of a major health issue in Australia. Researching the health issue within a specific community, the task will give you a real-life application to the content of this subject. In your future career, being able to write a professional, well-researched report could open the doors to writing opportunities in your field.

Task Instructions

To complete this assessment task, you must choose one of the following topics:

  1. Sugar-sweetened beverage intake in Indigenous Australians
  2. Cardiovascular Disease rates in rural Australians
  3. Breastfeeding rates in lower socioeconomic status Australians

In your report, you must address the following:

  • Current statistics in relation to your topic
  • The social determinants of health in relation to your chosen topic
  • Health outcomes of your chosen topic

Using the guide below, use your own headings and subheadings related to your chosen topic:

1. Introduction:Introduce the reader to the topic and report

2. Current statistics in relation to your topic

  • Use government resources and research to describe the current statistics of your chosen topic in Australia.
  • Compare these statistics to other groups, for example:
  1. compare sugar-sweetened beverage intake of Indigenous Australians to non-Indigenous Australians if this is your topic
  2. compare Cardiovascular Disease rates of rural Australians to those living in metropolitan areas if this is your topic
  3. compare breastfeeding rates in lower socioeconomic status Australians to higher socioeconomic Australians if this is your topic.

3. Social determinants of health in relation to your chosen topic:Use subheadings to describe which social determinants of health are influencing your topic

4. Health outcomes of your topic:What are the short- and long-term health outcomes of your topic? Rather than just listing them, ensure that you discuss these in relation to the research

5. Conclusion:Write a paragraph summarising your report

6. References:Reference in-text throughout using good quality resources and provide a reference list with correct referencing style.


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