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Prepare a presentation on Clinical Case Study of Mr.Turnbull

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Scenario Mr Turnball has just been admitted by SAAS to ED following an unconscious collapse at home and you have been provided with the following ISBAR from SAAS

I-Mr Barry Turnball, age 73, DOB 16/6/49. MRN 123879S- Admitted to ED following an unconscious collapse at his daughter’s house

B- he has a history of Type 2 DM, Angina, HT and his daughter said that he had been having some fainting episodes lately and sometimes says that he feels dizzy and like his heart
is racing

A-On arrival at the scene he was GCS 12, bradycardic at 46bpm, BP 98/67, Resp rate 12. Drug screen negative.Currently GCS 13 (E3 V4 M6), Vital signs currently HR 58,Resp rate 16, BP 105/58, Sp0O2 95% on 6L HM, temp 35.6.BSL 5.4. 1V cannula insitu L) CF with IV NS 100mls/hr

R- recommend GCS, Vital signs, ?CT head. NOK aware of admission and are on their way in Student instructions Mr Turnball has just been admitted to a large metropolitan ED
where you have received the above handover and are allocated to look after him.

Please address the following

- Please outline the Primary that you would undertake. What are your priorities for Mr Turnball now?

- Please outline the Secondary survey that you would undertake. What is the rationale for each aspect of your assessment undertaken?

+ Your assessment must be generated in Word format - i.e..doc/.docx (not pdf).
+ Appropriate line spacing at least 1.5 - 2 Basic font of Arial,calibre or similar, size 11 or 12. - Written in coherent Australian English that demonstrates progression towards the
standard for written communication for professional nursing practice in Australia

+ Include a footer in your assignment with your student FAN details.

+ Use of appropriate professional terminology is expected, do not use acronyms, abbreviations or nursing jargon.

+ You can use 1st person when writing your reflective,however, present your information in paragraphs using correct grammar.


§ APA 7th edition format is the expected referencing style for both in-text citations and reference list .

§ Markers must be able to access ALL your resources.

§ Aim for quality EETSTTE———————1 |5 rclcvant to


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