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Prepare a report to convince your 'boss' at KFC of what needs to be improved and why?

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Need to do a report to convince your 'boss' at KFC of what needs to be improved and why? What marketing strategy such as inhumane dealings with chickens? And what do we do to fix it? How to find info? Monkey survey?

Market Research

It is essential for organisations to not make assumptions about their customers or prospective customers. One way they can find out information is to ask their customers through surveys (primary research), but this can be a costly exercise. Another is to use desktop research or secondary data to find out the information they need to know about their customer base.

Your manager believes there are market opportunities that the business is not taking advantage of and would like you to explore this. You decide the best way to do this is by outlining a market research project which takes the organisation’s marketing management orientation into consideration (Assessment 1) e.g., Will they look at developing a new product or service, expand their customer base, look at ways to influence the customer’s perceived value or look at ways for their product or service to better serve their customer or society’s interests?

Write a report (1,000 words) that will inform your manager of the five steps in a market research project that defines each step and applies it to your manager’s request to investigate the market opportunity identified. E.g., For the step - Collecting and analysing the data – outline methods to collect the data. Will you recommend primary (surveys – what form will they take – focus groups, online surveys etc.) or secondary data (give examples of what you might use – Australian Bureau of Statistics, IbisWorld, Euromonitor, as well as other online information sources (i.e., comparison sites, social media sites etc.) You must justify your decisions using information from three sources including the text.

To complete this task you need to:

Introduce the organisation – its major product or service offerings and its marketing management orientation (identified in Assessment 1) (150 words)
Define and explain the five steps in the market research process and relate them to the market opportunity as described in the assessment description above. Use at least three academic sources (including the text) for each step (700 words)
Write a conclusion that focuses on why the approach you have chosen should be adopted. (150 words)

be able to analyse real-life situations in the corporate, and/or small medium and entrepreneurial business sector and/or not for-profit organisations using marketing frameworks and practice.
be able to develop an overview of the business planning process for different types of organisations.


Organisation introduced and the nature of the organisation described including product or service offerings.

0-1 mark

  • Five market research project steps defined, and applied to market orientation
  • Five market research project steps defined
  • Five market research steps applied to organisational situation.
  • Justification for application provided is logical, insightful, comprehensive and explicit.

Outstanding research using a range of relevant and valid academic and industry sources.

Mark 0-5

Comprehensive and insightful research using an extensive range of relevant and valid academic and industry sources with evidence embedded into your argument.

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