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PRINCE2 Agile project management methodology Assess Project Assessment

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Task overview

You are required to define, manage and deliver a project during the course of this unit. You will work in groups of five (5) and, depending on your pathway, you will develop a product with the following minimum requirements:

  • The production of relevant project management
  • A tangible output directly related to your course g. working software for Software Engineering students.

You will produce a brief video that shows your product “in action”.

Managing the Project

You will be expected to use the principles, processes and techniques of the PRINCE2 Agile project management methodology in order to help manage your project. You will learn concepts during the lectures that can be directly applied within the project and hence attendance at lecture sessions and practical classes is going to be important.

Group formation

During the first practical sessions you should form into groups of five (5). Once the group is formed you will need to begin assigning relevant roles to each group member. There are five separate roles:

  1. Start-up manager
  2. Project manager – overall responsibility for the project itself
  3. Quality manager
  4. Risk manager
  5. Scheduling manager

Roles should be assigned as quickly as possible, ideally in the first practical. As you are graded as an individual in a team, those without a dedicated role risk failing the assignment.

Key deliverables to be produced

  • Project plan – an outline of the project products (deliverables) in the form of a Gantt chart and to include a team ‘code of conduct’derived from the BCS code of conduct; work package; Agileometer.
  • Quality plan – a plan of how the quality of products (deliverables and documents) will be measured along with an assignment of quality checking duties to an appropriate member of the team
  • Risk Management plan – records all identified risks that could affect the project, assigns probability and severity as well as a strategy for mitigation, amelioration etc.
  • Scheduling documentation – Gantt chart, Kanban, communication plan, and meeting minutes
  • Lessons learned log – Records important lessons that have been learnt during the lifetime of the project
  • A brief (5 minutes maximum) video demonstrating your functional

All deliverables must be made available on the BREO group area which will be monitored by the tutors. Individual team members must keep local copies as backups. The authorship of each of these documents must be clearly indicated on the first page and these documents should be equally distributed among team members as far as practicable.

Group work demonstration

Assessment one involves the group answering any questions about the artefact and the project management thereof and potentially demonstrating their artefact. This session typically lasts 30 minutes but can be up to an hour and should address the legal, social, ethical and professional issues of the project and in particular:

  • What was the project about and did it achieve its aims and If not, then why not?
  • How effective was the project management approach during the project, specifically
    • Did the team meet deadlines, and if not how did you deal with this?
    • In view of the commercial and economic context of your deliverables: were the products produced fit for purpose?
    • How did you find a project management approach as a project tool – did it help the management of the project?
  • As a group, how effective was the work environment, and the approach used to assign tasks to individual members?
  • What was your approach to identification, assessment and management of risk concerning the various activities in the project? Was this approach effective (discuss why)? If not, what were the key lessons learned from this area? Where there any aspects of health and safety relevant to the project?
  • What were the key lessons learned during the project, and how could these be used to inform future management of project?
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