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Productivity of road infrastructure project constrained by BIM adoption :Research Report

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Road infrastructure projects have used three-dimensional modelling techniques for many years (Eastman, 2011) while building                                                  information modelling which is not solely restricted to the visualisation of a facility, goes beyond the ordinary production of 3D models in its philosophy and applications.

In addition to preserving the lifetime of the project's deliverables, it includes the proper development and use of digital time and cost related information throughout the whole project. This is essential for managing the costs associated with big road/highway development, as well as the highly complex and varied nature of project requirements for infrastructure projects in general (Chong, 2014). It requires coordinating the difficulties brought about by utility providers, the prospective provision of services, nearby structures, and the environment.

AIM: The study's objective is to investigate the usage of BIM and similar technologies in infrastructure projects, particularly when major road projects are being constructed in Australia.

Objectives of research:

  • To investigate the design checks of road alignment using
  • To identify the delays and technical barriers during the
  • To evaluate infrastructure communication and visualisation through

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The research method for literature review Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption and productivity in road construction projects is similar to building construction projects. However, there are some differences in terms of the specific research questions and methods used.

Literature review involves a comprehensive analysis of existing research on BIM adoption and productivity in road construction projects. This method involves the analysing of existing research to identify trends and knowledge gaps in the field of road construction.

Enhance productivity, cooperation, and communication. It also improves the visual thinking for better judgement.

Observations can be used to collect qualitative data on the use of BIM in different stages of the project, including design, construction, and maintenance.


  • Eastman, C., Teicholz, P., Sacks, R., and Liston, K. (2011). BIM handbook —A guide to building information modeling for owners, managers, designers, engineers and contractors, 2nd , Wiley, NJ.
  • Chong, H. Y., Wang, J., Shou, W., Wang, X., and Guo, J. (2014). “Improving quality and performance of facility management using building information modelling.” Cooperative design, visualization, and engineering, Springer, Switzerland, 44–50.

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