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Saad and Art, a classic car specialist case study

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 Saad owned a classic 1965 Eris automobile. Only 500 such cars were made and they are considered highly valuable. Saad and Art, a classic car specialist, signed a valid written contract. The contract stated in its entirety: Art will serve as Saad's exclusive agent in selling his Eris car. Upon successful sale, Art will earn a commission equal to 10% of the sale price. A few days later, Saad showed his Eris to Basel, who had learned of the car when he saw a "For Sale" sign Saad had decided to place on it while parked in his driveway. Basel, wanting to add the Eris to his personal collection, mailed Saad a signed letter later that day offering to pay $250,000 for the car. When Saad received the letter, he telephoned Basel and said he accepted the offer. They agreed to meet the following week for payment and exchange of title. Saad then called Art and said he was terminating their agreement. The next day, Laith saw an advertisement for Saad's Eris in a classic car trade publication. Art had placed the ad prior to Saad terminating their agreement. Laith drove to Saad's house and offered $300,000 for the car and said he would mail a written contract to Saad that day. Saad said he would "think about it." He did not inform Laith of his agreement with Basel. When Laith's contract arrived, Saad signed it, placed it in a stamped envelope addressed to Laith, and dropped it in the mailbox. Saad died in his sleep that night. His will left all his property to his only relative, a nephew named Ned. Ned wants to keep the Eris. As a result, Basel and Laith filed timely claims against Saad's estate seeking title to the car. Art filed a timely claim seeking a 10% sales commission. What contract rights and remedies, if any, do each of the following parties have against Saad's estate:

1. Basel? Discuss.

2. Laith? Discuss.

3. Art? Discuss. 

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