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Scaffold Assessment

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1. Inquiry question INTRO EXAMPLE:

Can the landscape be personified and become a visual metaphor for personal experience?

The Chillagoe environment triggered a strong personal reaction in me. It began an investigation into how I could communicate to audiences the psychological connections and associations that I made with this landscape. This has become my focus; to explore the idea of the landscape as a visual metaphor that contains a much deeper reflection on my past and specifically the dramatic terrain of my family life.

2. Inquiry question INTRO EXAMPLE:

How much external control is required by artists to express their ideas?

The focus of my body of work will be about the relationship and balance between external artistic control, materials, and the hidden laws of nature. Through an exploration of control and lack thereof, I intend to create work where resolution is found within the uncontrolled nature of my raw materials. A suggestion of control may be implemented through organised arrangements or patterns within the uncontrolled works. Aligning with the philosophy of Gutai, employing simple materials and pushing limitations, the boundaries between traditional and abstract art becomes unimportant. The debate over whether an artwork is representational or abstract becomes irrelevant as the focus is on the materiality. The innate quality of the materials will become the fundamental subject matter of my work.


Start with an interesting sentence about how artists explore………(related to your own inquiry)
For eg: Artists use their practice to document their experience of life and to also reflect on and build knowledge of their own life experiences and events.
My investigation began because of my ………(personal reactions to, concern over, interest in, fascination with, unease with………)
Discuss your thought processes that lead you to your inquiry were their personal reactions, your history, your background, your emotions that made YOU respond/react to the stimuli in a personal way? Why is it that you want to ask your question to yourself, where are you hoping this question will lead you to. The point of this inquiry/IA1 assessment is for you to develop your focus for what you will make with your own artworks so you should always be looking for and thinking about what art ideas can I get from my inquiry and what ideas can I get from my own life and times?

Describe and discuss how the given stimuli (the two excursions and/or he artist talk by Grace Lillian Lee) lead you to your inquiry question. Discuss your thought processes and you should have primary sources which you have used to make an experimental work- which also helped lead you to your inquiry question. Think about from what context you are inquiring and making work from. Is it a personal response to something you felt or witnessed (Personal context), is it purely formal you are mainly concerned with how artists physically create work using a particular medium (formal context), is it that you are making and responding to work through a cultural context which is concerned with society …..

Also here introduce your two artists who you will be investigating and give reasons for why you have chosen them specifically what is it about their work that interests you and how does their work address YOUR inquiry? Make experimental works based upon materials, methods and processes that your two key artists practice.
Your introduction should:

  • define the unit concept and the importance or significance of your research
  • define the purpose of the report by explaining what aspect/s of the stimulus you are reacting to
  • outline the artists to be discussed and how they relate to your ideas
  • inform the reader of any assumptions you made during your experimental work.



This contains the main content of the report, organised into sections with headings. The body of a report can include the following:

  • Key artist 1 - describe the context/s that usually influence/s or shape/s the work they produce
    • describe the focus their work explores
    • describe the materials, techniques or approaches they use
    • analyse and interpret one specific work
    • evaluate the degree of influence their art practice has, or will have, on your work.
  • Key artist 2 - as for key artist 1 see KEY ARTIST DOCUMENT SCAFFOLD
  • Experimental research - describe the context/s that has/have influenced or shaped your experimental research
    • describe your materials, techniques or approaches
    • analyse and interpret your experimental artwork and your findings
    • compare your approaches with the practices of key artists 1 and 2.

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