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SCS 200 Cyber Security Assessment

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Overview: Throughout the first six modules, you have been guided through your work on Project Two (a presentation), which you will continue to work on in Modules Seven and Eight and will formally submit to your instructor at the end of Module Eight. This assignment provides you with an important opportunity to get valuable instructor feedback on the progress you are making and to ensure you are on the right track for your later submission.

Prompt: Throughout the first six modules, you have explored why the social science issue you selected in Project One (a research investigation) is of interest to you personally, and you have begun to reflect on how your research related to your issues has changed your perspective on the topic. Specifically, in this assignment, you will submit the Project Two elements listed below for review by your instructor.

In Module Four: Performing the Research Investigation (Continued), learning block 4-2 (page 1) and learning block 4-3 (page 3); and Module Five: Tailoring the Message to an Audience, learning block 5-3 (page 3), you completed the following work:

  1. Provide a brief overview identifying how the social sciences previously examined your selected issue. Include which social science disciplines havepreviously been used to research or explain your issue.

In Module Five: Tailoring the Message to an Audience, learning block 5-2 (page 3), you completed the following work:

  1. Explain how the issue impacts the audience. In other words, how is the issue relevant to members of the audience? Why should the audience care aboutthe response to your question or the outcome of your investigation? Support your response with specific examples from your research 

In Module Six: Tailoring the Message to an Audience (Continued), learning block 6-1 (page 4), you contributed to the following prompt:

  • Describe the evidence you have to support your conclusions about the impact of the issue on you personally and on your audience. Support yourresponse with specific examples from your research 

In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues (Continued), learning block 2-2 (page 4), you completed the following work:

  1. Explainwhy this issue is important to you personally. In other words, why did you select this issue to investigate?

In Module Three: Performing the Research Investigation, learning block 3-4 (page 1), you contributed to the following prompt:

  1. Illustrate how your investigation of the issue impacted the way you thought about the issue. In other words, how did thinking like a scientist to researchand develop a question affect what you thought about the issue you selected? How did social scientific thinking change the lens through which you viewed the issue? Support your response with specific examples from your research 

In Module Five: Tailoring the Message to an Audience, learning block 5-2 (page 3), learning block 5-3 (page 3), and learning block 6-1 (page 4), you began working on the following section of the prompt:

  1. Communicateyour message in a way that is tailored to your specific audience. For instance, you could consider your vocabulary, your audience’s

potential current natural science knowledge or lack thereof, and what is specifically important to the audience.

In Module Six: Tailoring the Message to an Audience (Continued), learning block 6-3 (page 4), you were prompted to create two visual slides using PowerPoint and accompanying speaker notes. These slides can be used to address any of the sections detailed above and should include visuals with proper citations, where necessary.

Note that the numbering included above directly aligns with the numbering of these elements as they are presented in the Project Two Guidelines and Rubric document.


Guidelines for Submission: Your presentation progress check submission will include two sections: a two-slide portion of your presentation, submitted using PowerPoint, and a written document submitted in Microsoft Word. In your Word document, be sure to format with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Citations should be formatted according to APA style.

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