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SITHCCC027 - Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery Assignment

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The production plan was approved. The dishes were added to the menu. 

You have received the following six (6) customer orders. 

Customer orders

Customers: Sam


1X Baked Asparagus and Yellow Capsicum Frittata

1X Chickpea & Peanut Stew

1X Custard Ice-cream with Dried Apricots

Customers: Elizabeth


1X Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peaches

1X Italian Fried Olives

1x Vietnamese chicken salad

Customers: Frank


1X Grilled and braised Pot Roast

1X Poached while chicken with crunchy steamy vegetables

Customers: Helen


1X Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peaches

1X Microwave lemon basil fish with crunchy steamed vegetables

Customers: Robin


1X Shallow fried fish

1X Baked Asparagus and Yellow Capsicum Frittata

1x Vietnamese chicken salad

Customers: Anders


1X Custard Ice cream with Dried Apricots

1X Grilled and braised Pot Roast

1X Microwave lemon basil fish with crunchy steamed vegetables

You are required to use the basic cookery methods (specified in Assessment task 2) to prepare dishes by focusing on any special dietary requirements;  serve the prepared to customers according to organisational standards. Your trainer will act like the customer for each of the six (6) orders or will allocate the roles of the customers to the staff members.  You need to present these dishes to the customer for each order. 

As you have developed a production plan in assessment task two (2); you need to put this production plan into action and prepare the ordered dishes. 

When preparing the customer orders; you must: 

  • Follow the standard recipes provided. 
  • Follow the portion control procedures:
    • Ensure all portions are of a consistent standard and size. 
    • Portions are evenly distributed and tastefully presented on the plate.
    • Correct garnish is served with each food item.
  • Follow the procedures for Food safety practices when handling and storing food. Refer to the Food Safety program provided along with this unit. 

A kitchen hand will be provided to you to complete this task. You need to instruct the kitchen hand to complete specific tasks. 

The role of the kitchen hand will be allocated to a staff member by your trainer/assessor. 

Your assessor will judge your performance according to the checklist provided for this assessment tasks.

To prepare the customer orders in a commercial kitchen, you need to complete the following activities: 

Activity 1: Select ingredients 

In this activity, your trainer/assessor will take you to different stores such as a cold room or storeroom where the ingredients required will be available. At the stores, you need to identify and select the products and other ingredients from stores according to recipe, quality, freshness and stock rotation requirements.  

These requirements are given below: 

  • Follow stock rotation requirements: 
    • Locate and read date codes and rotation labels on food products 
    • Check expiry dates of the products. 
    • Select items based on the first in first out basis. 
  • Check the quality of the product and its impact on the recipes.
  • Check freshness of the fresh products.
  • Check perishable supplies for spoilage or contamination prior to preparation.

Note: You can use the production plan prepared in Assessment task 2 to identify ingredients. 

When selecting the ingredients, you are required to demonstrate skills to evaluate the quality of ingredients considering the requirements specified above. 

You must complete the templates provided below when completing the task. 

Ingredients for customer orders: 

Name of dishes : Baked Asparagus and Yellow Capsicum Frittata


  • yellow capsicums
  • asparagus
  • shallots
  • zucchini
  • unsalted butter
  • eggs
  • heavy cream
  • parsley leaves
  • salt
  • spring onion
  • black pepper

Name of dishes : Chickpea & Peanut Stew

Name of dishes : Custard Ice-cream with Dried Apricots

Name of dishes : Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peaches

Name of dishes : Italian Fried Olives

Name of dishes : Vietnamese chicken salad

Name of dishes : Grilled and braised Pot Roast

Name of dishes : Poached while chicken with crunchy steamy vegetables

Name of dishes : Microwave lemon basil fish with crunchy steamed vegetables

Name of dishes : Shallow fried fish

Activity 2: Portion and prepare ingredients; cook, present and store dishes

In this activity, you are required to portion and prepare ingredients; cook, present and store dishes for the customer orders given in the case study. 

You must prepare the dishes according to the standard recipes and production plan.  The production plan prepared includes the details of the: 

  • Ingredients. 
  • Equipment. 
  • Production workflow. 

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