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Solar Design Assignment

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Solar Design is an important element of buildings and harnessing natural energy sources has various advantages such as reduced energy consumption, warmer more comfortable homes, healthier indoor environments, and subsequent reductions of negative impacts on the environment. This assessment allows you to apply effective solar design techniques.

You have been provided with a site plan (Plot B) and are required to design a multi-story timber-framed house in Auckland. The client requires 4 bedrooms, 2-3 washrooms, 1 living area, 1 kitchen, 1 dining, and 1 conservatory on a 200-250 m2 floor plan.

On the given plan, place the house on the site by manipulating the following influences to best utilize the natural solar design features. Analyse and describe the following features in the report with specific applications to the given site, justifying your design. Besides, there are trees on the proposed site and neighbors' houses. All trees are native trees and therefore you can not cut the trees. You will need to do drawings for this assessment, and these can either be hand-drawn or computer-aided.

Key Tasks:

  1. BuildingShape and orientation: Which building shape is ideal for this site (draw the shape)? Justify why you chose this particular shape. What building orientation have you decided on? Explain why? (3 marks)
  2. Interior Space Orientation: Where will the different spaces (rooms, living spaces, etc) inthe home be positioned and why (indicate in the drawing)? (4 marks)
  3. Conservatory Placement: Explain and justify your placement of the conservatory (indicatein the drawing). (2 marks)
  4. Window Positions & Sizes: Design window positions and sizes for each space (indicate inthe drawing). Justify your  (2 marks)
  5. Sun Shading (Structures or Natural): What sun shading strategies will you use to preventsummer overheating (indicate in the drawing)? Why? (3 marks)
  6. Shadow analysis: Do a shadow analysis of each tree both in the neighbor's house (Plot C)and on-site (Plot B) that may cast a shadow on the house for a typical summer day (22/12, 3 pm) and a typical winter day (22/6, 3 pm). (10 marks).

 Besides, must add the followings in your report.

  1. CoverPage and Table of Content (1 mark)
  2. Introduction(1 mark)
  3. Conclusion (1mark)
  4. ReferenceAPA 7th (1 mark)
  5. Clarity,grammar, and report structure (2 marks)

General Requirements:

  1. Write a short report of your  Not to exceed 3000 words (Drawings/images excluded).
  2. Proper referencing should be done: APA 7th  Maintain a 15% or less similarity index.
  3. DigitalPDF file to be submitted on the Turnitin dropbox on  Look under ‘Assessments Submission Centre’ on Moodle.
  4. Late submissions are accepted within 7 days of the due date with a 20% 
  5. To request an extension, an Affected Performance Consideration (APC) form must be  No penalty applies to approved APC applications.
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