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Write Complex Documents/ OHSMS

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Assessment 2


Write Complex Documents/


.1 Planning Stage. The human resources manager has contacted you via email asking you to:

1) inform management about your statistical findings

2) explain to the ABC Steel workers one issue you identified within your statistical analysis

You will need to first plan which appropriate documents would be required for these two purposes. Referring to the ABC Steel House Style Guide and ABC Steel WHS Manual complete the overview below before you begin to produce your documents.



Who is the document for?

What type of document will be produced?

Why is this the most appropriate document?

Which software/applications are most suitable for the creation of this document?

According to the ABC Steel Guide list the style requirements of this document

Describe appropriate

layout, colours, font, text size.


Which language style is used?



































2.2 Management Meeting -

You will need to arrange a meeting between yourself and your human resources manager (your trainer) to discuss the following.

  • overview of the statistical data
  • LTIFR Calculations
  • identified issues to inform management and workers.
  • document plan, including the requirements of the documents that need to be produced.selected format of each document

 Your manager will also discuss the requirements of submitting a first draft, second draft and final copy of both documents, according to ABC Steel policies and procedures.

2.3 Draft text - (750 to 1000 words)

Now that you have planned how you will inform management about your statistical findings, create your first draft.

Ensure the following.

  • Include three relevant items from the statistics that have been provided (Q1.16)

  • Include the results of the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate findings (Q1.17)

  • Include web addresses where statistical data has been obtained.

  • Cross-referencing of evidence, where possible

  • If there are gaps in your initial findings, describe which additional material or data may be needed to help fill those gaps. Additional information must come from relevant sources and be listed.

  • At least one graph, diagram or illustration will be included within your final document only (Q2.5b) – you may like to plan this during this draft phase.

When you have created the first draft of your text, you must email a copy (in a word document) to your trainer for comments. They will then return your document with the necessary amendments needed before you can submit a final copy. Place the first draft WITH THE TRAINER’S COMMENTS into the space provided.

2.4 Prepare final text (750 to 1000 words)

Once you receive your first draft back from your trainer, please read their remarks closely and make any additional corrections.

Ensure the final text version includes:  

  • an introduction describing the purpose of the document.
  • 3 identified statistical issues
  • correct and relevant LTIFR Calculations
  • a conclusion with recommendations for improvement
  • a list of all websites contained in the report.


Proofread the report for grammar, spelling, accuracy, and punctuation.Email the final draft to your trainer for last-minute check and final comments.
Place your final TEXT ONLY with your trainers comments into the box below.

2.5a Produce document - (750 to 1000 words)

You can now finalise your document. Create your management report following the style described within ABC Steel House Style.pdf 

Before submitting the final document to be printed, make sure you proofread and check to ensure all the requirements have been met.

Use the checklist below to do a final check of your document and make any necessary last-minute changes. Then place the finished version of your report into the space provided.

2.5b Place your finalised report into the box provided.

2.6 Next you are to email the responsible person to explain why you are providing them with the final report.

Create a copy of your first draft of the email and place it in the textbox provided below.

2.7 Complete the checklist below to make sure you have accurately completed the email as described within the ABC Steel House guide and ABC Steel WHS manual.

Email Item

Check Y/N

List the improvements required

To whom should the email be directed



Use of a correct subject line



Draft of the body is completed



The body is kept to one screen length



Does it meet the requirements of the style guide and manual



Correct font, size and colour selected



Correct salutation used



I have checked my use of language



I have checked the correct use of spelling and grammar



I have used an appropriate signature



I have identified the correct document or documents that are to be attached



2.8 Finally, create the email. After final proofreading, you are to screenshot the completed email and place it into the box below.

2.9 The workers at ABC Steel have heard that there has been an analysis completed on the statistics associated with working in manufacturing and would like to know the outcome.

You are to complete a poster that identifies a WHS issue you have noticed from the statistical analysis that would be appropriate for workers to understand.

Place the first draft of the poster into the box below. This can be a hand-drawn sketch, descriptive outline, rough design using applicable software.

2.10 Next you are to complete the checklist for the poster.

Report Item

Check Y/N

List the improvements required

Content – Is it focused?



The Title – Is it a clear message?



Text – Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation?



Layout and Format – Is it logical?



Images, Graph or Photo – Is it relevant?



Style – Is it simple, clear, and concise?



Language – Appropriate for the workers?



Colour – Meets the requirements of the guide?




2.11 Place the final copy of your poster into the space provided.

All documents relating to the report will need filing and archiving within the ABC Steel document management system. The questions below relate to WHS document handling.

You can refer to your E-Book and the ABC Steel WHS Manual for advice.

2.12 Describe any legal requirements for WHS document handling.

(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.13     Describe the storage requirements for WHS Documents.
(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.14     Describe the ethical requirements when reporting WHS statistics.(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.15     Below is a list of documents scattered around the ABC Steel offices. Management has asked you to help organise this pile into two filing cabinets. The first has a lock and key for documents of a sensitive nature that need to be kept secure. The second cabinet is unlocked so workers and supervisors have access to the paperwork they need to fulfil their works.

Audit reports

Australian and industry standards


Codes of Practice

Compensation reports

Copies of tickets and licenses

First aid register

Guidance notes

Health and safety committee meeting minutes

Health monitoring reports

Hearing Test Reports

Incident Procedure

Induction books

Internal training session records

Investigation reports


Manufacturer’s manuals

Medical reports

Meeting attendance sheet

Near miss register

Plant/Equipment register

Return to Work Reports

Risk assessments

Safety budgets

Safety Data Sheet/SDS

Safety handbooks

Safety Plans


Suppliers safety instructions

Survey results



Toolbox meeting minutes

Training records

Verification of competency records (V.O.C)

WHS area reports

WHS guidelines

WHS legislation

WHS policies

WHS procedures

Work instructions


Secure Filing Cabinet

Open Filing Cabinet

Audit reports









Work instructions

2.16     Describe techniques for making sure information and data can be shared and distributed at ABC Steel. (Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.17     Describe the key features of each of these document types.












Safety Alert



Business Letters








Meeting Agendas


2.18 Explain why some WHS documents require secure storage. (Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.19 Describe why a “house style” is useful when designing and producing documents.(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.20     Explain rules and conventions for written English regarding document production at ABC Steel.

Assessment 2 Part 2



– Additional information

ABC Steel

has decided that the company needs to develop a WHS program that complies with ISO 45001 OHSMS after the workplace incident surrounding the employee carrying out cutting works. This will help the company to show compliance and give guidance when introducing workplace health and safety practices so further incidents can be avoided. As they have very limited knowledge in this area, they have asked you to help clarify some areas by answering the questions below.


2.21     What are the advantages of having a work health and safety management system?
(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.22     To enable ABC Steel to improve its WHS performance access the ISO Standard 45001 management system and describe the 7 typical components in the template below



Component 1 -





Component 2 -





Component 3 -





Component 4 -





Component 5 -





Component 6 -




Component 7 -





2.23     Why is it important for an organisation to have a WHS policy? (Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.24     How could ABC Steel personnel support and promote the objectives of the WHS policy?
(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.25     How could the concepts of the WHS policy, WHSMS and Action Plans be communicated to workers? (Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.26     Role play – Develop an action plan

Using the Action Plan below, complete the actions that are needed to implement the WHS policy at ABC Steel. This plan will be disseminated in the next ABC Steel management meeting for implementation.

  • You have 1 hour to complete your meeting.

  • All team members are to participate.

  • Your trainer will be assessing you in-class on your ability to demonstrate key skills associated with the Cert IV in WHS using the checklist below


Please ensure that you document the members of the meeting and state the time and date and location of this meeting for authenticity reasons.

2.27     How would a health and safety assistant explain and then implement the action plan into their work group area? (Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.28     Management has realised that they have omitted the return-to-work procedures and would like you to explain what actions can be added to the WHSMS plan, that will help facilitate the integration of the return to work of injured workers, & the injury management procedures.
(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

Methods of Evaluation and Communication of WHSMS

2.29     What methods might you be involved in, as a health and safety assistant at ABC Steel, that help evaluate and review the organisation's work, health, and safety performance?

(Min 1 paragraph answer required, and more than 1 method needs to be identified)

2.30     As the WHS assistant how would you communicate and explain the review and improvement of the WHSMS to others and facilitate their contribution to the review and evaluation.
(Min 1 paragraph answer required)

2.31     Supply ABC Steel with the details of a suitably qualified consultant, where legal advice could be obtained.cert

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