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3D Modeling Solidworks Assignment

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QUESTION 1Build the following part in Solidworks

Unit system: MMGS (millimeter, gram, second)
Decimal places: 3
Part origin: Arbitrary
Material: AISI 1020
Density = 0.0079g/mm3
A = 35, B = 55, C = 155, D = 161, X = (D+3)/4

What is the overall mass of the part (grams)?
A) 4047.510
B) 3946.322
C) 4148.698
D) 4249.886

Question 2:
You can begin this question by building each of the following parts.
Once you’ve created, proceed to create the assembly and answer the question. The units here
are shown in inches, pounds, and seconds. Please submit all part files along with Assembly file.

1.) Where is the center of mass if the assembly origin is in the center of the lower red cube, the
assembly planes are all parallel to the lower red cube part planes and all of the parts are made
of material with the same density?
(Coordinates given as X, Y, Z)
A) 1.356, -0.443, 2.567
B) 0.840, 1.629, -0.426
C) 0.751, 1.554, -0.511
D) -0.323, 2.056, 0.032

Question 3:
Based on the below dimensions first create the part model and then project in to Multiview
projection as shown and finish the dimensioning. Create a title block as we learned in class and
submit both part file and drawing file.
The units here are shown in inches, pounds, and seconds.

Question 4: A Geneva wheel translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary
motion. Its drawing of its component are given below:
1. Create the model of the components in SolidWorks
2. Assemble and create assembly drawing with exploded view and BOM
3. Perform motion study
4. create Drawing of the assembly drawing
Submit all part files, drawing files, asembly and video of basic motion study

• Lock pin goes to the crank
• One cylindrical pin goes to the crank and locking Disc, and another goes to Geneva
• The ground link stays at the bottom, horizontally flat
• Two sub-assembly will mate on two holes of the ground link
• Geneva wheel Sub-assembly will be rotated by the crank (place motor in crank
• Use Solid contact on the crank lock pin and Geneva wheel, so that lock pin will
engaged into the slot of the Geneva wheel and rotate Geneva wheel with it.
• Use rotary motor (Speed 10 rpm), simulation run time 24 sec. (that completes a full
rotation of the Geneva wheel)• Save the basic motion as video file

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