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52840 Knowledge Questions Assessment

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Question 1

Explain the concept of each of the following:

  • Cultural awareness

  • Cultural safety

  • Cultural competence

Give one example of what you could do in your work role to uphold each of these concepts.


Question 2

Provide at least 3 ways your organisation could ensure it was culturally aware, safe and competent.


Question 3

In the table below provide one example for each cultural element listed and explain how it impacts on different people and groups.

Question 4

Provide your definition of ‘diversity’.

Question 5In the table below provide an example of a feature of diversity for each area listed and explain how it impacts your work and your life.

Question 6

Provide examples of international, national, state/territory and local legal and ethical considerations for working with diversity in the space below.  Examples should relate to the aged care sector.


Question 7

Complete the table below to show your understanding of the legal and ethical considerations relating to discrimination, how they impact on your work and the consequences of breaches.

Access the following website to assist you:


Question 8

Refer to the following document to assist you to answer the question below:


Identify at least two human rights identified by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and for each identify at least one legal and ethical consideration, how they impact on your work and the consequences of breaches.


Question 9

In your own words, explain the relationship between human needs and human rights.

Question 10

Give an example for each of the following and explain briefly its purpose how it should be used in the aged care workplace to ensure that that human rights are met. Use the web links provided to inform your answer.


  • Frameworks https://www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au/human-rights/the-charter/australian-human-rights-framework

  • Approaches https://www.humanrights.gov.au/our-work/age-discrimination/publications/human-rights-approach-ageing-and-health-respect-and-choice

  • Instruments https://www.humanrights.gov.au/human-rights-explained-fact-sheet-7australia-and-human-rights-treaties


Question 11

Complete the table below to identify characteristics of each of the key areas of diversity.

Question 12

Complete the table by providing examples of issues affect Australia’s Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people:

Question 13

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people may have difficulty engaging with services due to own culture, Western systems and structures.


  • Give at least TWO examples of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander culture and explain how each one may affect how ATSI people engage with aged care or disability services

  • Give at least TWO examples of Western systems and structures that impact on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and explain how this may affect how they engage with aged care or disability services

The following link may assist with your answers:


Question 14

Marginalised people have specific issues and needs.  Provide two examples of issues and care needs for each of the following areas:

Question 15

Marginalised people may have experienced discrimination, trauma and negative attitudes from others. Complete the table to explain how each may impact on them.

 Provide at least one example in each section.


Question 16

Provide at least three examples of protective factors and explain how they would enhance the health and well-being of marginalised people.


Question 17

Provide one example of how each of the following can support individuals and organisations to embrace and respond to diversity:

  • Language interpreters

  • Cultural interpreters

  • Imagery

Question 18

Provide at least four examples of influences and changing practices in Australia.  Explain the impact that each one has had on the diverse communities that make up Australian society.




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