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ACC703 MYOB Assessment

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A major component of the ACC703 course is the MYOB assignment that is an individual assignment. Your individual assignment will be assessed on three aspects of the assignment:

  • MYOB Assignment: (18%);
  • MYOB Work Activity Report: 1,000 words (5%); 
  • Prepare Job Claim Statement and Resume (5%); and 
  • Individual presentation based on MYOB assignment: (2%).
  • Students should report the progress of their MYOB assignment to tutors by showing the completed chapters or parts of the MYOB assignment to the tutor each week. Final MYOB Assignment is due by week 10.

MYOB Assignment (18%)

  • MYOB assignment text book is “Wendy Pabst & Brian Perrin (2019), Accounting With MYOB Accountright Plus, 2nd Edition, Cengage Learning, Australia” 
  • Please read the downloading and installing MYOB Software
  • Each chapter has Revision Exercise. Please Do not do Revision Exercise.
  • When you finish each chapter, please print the reports specified in the book , compare the results of the your printed reports and the results of reports of the book and sign at the bottom of each printed report as an evidence of completing the comparison of two reports before starting the next chapter.  If two results of the reports are different, you should mark the different results on your printed reports, analyse the difference and write down the possible reasons of the difference.
  • The assignment should include one title page and 9 chapter cover pages (chapter 2 to 10) in front of the printed reports of each chapter, and be tied tightly by binding or using plastic folders. Please do not forget to write your student number, name and course on the title page. 
  • MYOB assignment is due by Week 10. Students submit both the paper-printed version and the USB stick to contain 9 MYOB assignment files (*.myox) at the start of the lecture in week 10. If student does not submit the USB to contain 9 MYOB (*myox)files, the printed version will not be accepted or 20% penalty of total available mark will apply to the assignment.
  • When students submit  the paper-printed version to the lecturer, the lecturer will ask validation questions to the student to check whether the submitted MYOB assignment is the student own work or not.
  • In the past, we found that some students had copied other student’s work, changed name and format, printed and submitted the printed version , or copied word outputs, changed name and converted to PDF file. We remind you again that If we find the students who submits other students’ work with changed name and format , we will take action against the students.
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