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Analysis of aspects of technology and design Assignment

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Search for and locate THREE sources (articles, websites, videos, images, etc) that raise or highlight issues about contemporary aspects of technology and/or design.

Each of your sources must link/relate to at least one of the three concepts listed below, collectively address all three of the concepts, and be suitable for use within a Year 7 or 8 Technology Mandatory Classroom.

  • The nature of technology
  • The nature of design and design processes
  • The relationship between design, science, technology, society and the environment

A) For each selected source: (500 words for each source)

  • Relate the issue/s raised in the article to one of the concepts listed above (all three concepts must be covered)
  • Critically analyse the issue/s in terms of the concept. You will need to critically discuss what ideas/issues are raised within your source, and how they link to the concept you have identified.
  • Reflect on the issue/s to evaluate its impact on society or the environment i.e. critically discuss how the ideas/issues expressed in your chosen source impact on society or the environment.

B) For each selected source: (300 words for each source) Critically discuss THREE points about the ideas/issues raised within your source that you could use to engage with a year 7 or 8 Technology Mandatory class.

  • One point to discuss the values surrounding the ideas/issues
  • One point to discuss beliefs surrounding the ideas/issues (perhaps current and future)
  • One point to discuss ideas/issues surrounding the environment (could be at a societal or individual level).

C) For each selected source: Link to a Syllabus Outcome: (200 words for each source)

For each of the three sources that you have chosen, select a syllabus learning outcome that relates to it.

Think about and critically discuss:

  • how the ideas/issues expressed in the source could relate to a syllabus outcome and therefore a learning activity;
  • what learning activities might take place for students to be able to develop this outcome using the chosen source;
  • why this source would be an effective resource in a classroom for year 7 & 8 Technology Mandatory students (age appropriate, interesting, engaging, length, level of language, etc).

You must acknowledge and use references from your readings and wider research to contribute to and support your discussion.

Rationale This task gives you an opportunity to extend your reading and broaden your understanding of contemporary issues related to technology and design, and to how such issues can be related to the Technology (Mandatory) Years 7-8 Syllabus. 

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