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Analytical Review of a Contemporary Transitional Factor Report

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In this task, students are required to write an analytical report that outlines the factors that influence how nursing students transition from a beginner to becoming a professional nurses. Students will be allocated one (1) of the following contemporary transitional factors:

  1. Competency in planning and organizing shift workload (i.e., time management; managing fatigue; dealing with complex care needs);
  2. Prioritising and coping with unexpected events (i.e., recognising and responding to patient deterioration; unexpected admission/discharge; patient falls);
  3. Proficiency in managing and executing technical skills (i.e., monitoring and recording of vital signs, medication administration, providing wound care, inserting catheters, etc; using technology to share patient and family education information; electronic medical records (EMRs) for patient documentation).

The assessment is designed to assess students' understanding of contemporary transitional factors as they apply to nurse, and demonstrate the ability of students to find and review literature, produce clear academic writing, and show skills in critical analysis.

In the report, students MUST address the following points related to their allocated contemporary transitional factor. In doing so, they should use evidence from current scholarly literature, i.e., less than seven (7) years old, and include the relevant Registered Nurse standards for practice, Code of conduct for nurses, and/or Code of ethics for nurses.

  • Abstract : The abstract is a concise summary of the essential elements of the report, from the introduction through to, and including, the recommendations. See https://studyskills.federation.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/abstracts-exec-summaries_2020.pdf
  • Introduction/Background : Describe the contemporary transitional factor you will be addressing using evidence from the literature. State its importance or relevance to the field of nursing. Outline the aim of your report in a single sentence that is clear and concise.
  • Findings : Outline what you have discovered from reviewing the literature on your allocated topic. For example, outline different ways in which graduate nurses currently prioritize and cope with unexpected events, and the importance of this. These should be statements of current facts obtained from the literature, e.g., Recent literature indicates that nurses prioritize and cope with unexpected events in three main ways: first second, etc (Smith, 2021). (NB: Make sure you provide citations for information drawn from the literature and paraphrase, do not quote this information.) Leave your evaluation, and comparison and contrast of these findings in the Analysis section.
  • Analysis/Discussion: This section is where you compare and contrast findings from the literature on your chosen transitional factor and discuss the implications of the findings.
    • Discuss and analyze two (2) reasons why the contemporary transitional factor is faced by new graduate nurses.
    • Include in your response the impact this factor has on the ability to adhere to the nursing codes/Standards and delivery of safe, high-quality patient care.
    • o Use evidence from the literature in your response.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should be a brief summary of the main points of the findings and analysis sections. Include in this which one of the Nursing Standards is being met in your report and outline clearly how it is being met (there may be many, but you will need to prioritize and select only the most relevant Standard).
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