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Are Australian consumers willing to shop in the metaverse? Discuss why or why not.

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In your discussion use one of the following areas of consumer behaviour research from the list below to explain;

  • Consumer identity (relate it to the unit topic of personality/self-concept and thetheory/concepts discussed)
  • Attitudes(relate it to unit topic of attitudes and the concepts discussed)
  • TechnologyAdoption (relate it to the unit topic of digital marketing and the theory/concepts discussed)
  • Brandcommunities (relate it to the unit topic of needs and motivations and the theory/concepts discussed)

To get started on this case study please read the following overview journal article:

Dwivedi, Y.K., Hughes, L., Wang, Y., Alalwan, A.A., Ahn, S.J., Balakrishnan, J., Barta, S., Belk, R., Buhalis, D., Dutot, V. and Felix, R., 2022. Metaverse marketing: How the metaverse will shape the future of consumer research and practice. Psychology & Marketing. In press. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/mar.21767

This article can be used within your case response.

You must support your answer with theory – theoretical analysis of consumer behaviour should be the primary focus in your response.

You must use a minimum of 4 journal articles (from sources classified as Journals). Your response should demonstrate a clear understanding and articulation of scholarly research on the topic.

You must use a minimum of 4 industry research reports to support your answer drawn from the following consultancy firms websites including McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Bain, or Boston.

Your use of brand examples should be secondary to your focus on theoretical analysis and critical discussion. See rubric on iLearn (PDF) for grade level requirements.


1500 word limit

There will be one written case based task of 1500 words weighted at 40%. This assessment targets the development of students understanding of core consumer behaviour as it applies to

real world consumption behaviour. It focuses on enhancing critical thinking skills and encourages students to understand the complex nature of consumer behaviour.

Please name your file: STUDENT NAME_Tutor name_TOPIC TITLE

Failing to meet the minimum 4 journal article and 4 industry report/articles stated under the topic will lead to a 4/40 mark deduction.

Markers will stop reading once the word limit is reached.

You are required to answer in paragraph form. Harvard referencing is required.

Your response should focus primarily on the theory that you are being asked to discuss. It is expected that you will demonstrate an understanding of the topic evidenced and supported through scholarly and industry journal literature. Please view the rubric for this assessment which is uploaded in PDF format to iLearn. There is no maximum number of journal or industry articles.

Responses are to be formatted as follows; maximum of 1500 words (strict word limit excluding reference list and excluding in-text citations), paragraph format, size 12 times new roman font, single spacing, normal margins. Full Harvard-author date referencing is required. No footnotes.


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