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Arts and Humanities Assessments

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  • Your 2 short essay answers should be written in formal academic style, in 3rd person viewpoint, and must be fully referenced in APA 7th format; each essay must include a reference list.
  • Do not describe what you see in the images. Link the themes in images and prompt questions to the concepts we have studied this semester and discuss those themes in order to show that you understand this semester’s work.
  • This assessment requires you to demonstrate a broad understanding of themes, concepts and ideas from this semester’s Humanities course. Present different themes in each essay.
  • You will only have 1 chance to upload your completed assessment; no resubmissions will be accepted. Therefore, you must check that you are uploading the correct document, check that the submission has gone through, and make sure you receive a copy of the Turnitin receipt. The document you upload is the document that will be marked; no resubmissions will be permitted.
  • Paraphrase – do not use any direct quotes in your assessment.
  • This is a Turnitin assessment. Before you submit, check that there is no plagiarism in your work. All ideas in your essays must be given correct APA 7th This means you must use in-text citations, and provide a reference list. NOTE: you do not need to reference the images, as they form part of the assessment question.

Here are the image + prompts to answer in the Assessment 3 Template:

QUESTION 1: 800 words +/- 10%

The future of the natural environment depends on the way humans interact with it, with an ever-increasing emphasis on technology in addressing future human needs. With reference to the image below, consider past impact of technology on the local and global natural environment as well as what this may ‘look like’ in future.

Incorporate unit themes. Use structure given in HUMN A3 Instructions. Include citations and a reference list.


QUESTION 2: 800 words +/- 10%

“Inequality in a rapidly changing world comes as we confront the harsh realities of a deeply unequal global landscape” (U.N.A., 2020). With reference to the image below, explain causes and effects of inequality that could be referred to in the above quote, with consideration of potential solutions.

Incorporate unit themes. Use structure given in HUMN A3 Instructions. Include citations and a reference list.


(The themes must be different to those discussed in question 1).

Quote from: United Nations Associations [U.N.A.]. (2020) The World Social Report – 2020. https://una.org.pk/2020/01/21/world-social-report-2020/

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