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Bartertown Bazaar Case Study

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Read and respond as instructed to the following: [1] Context Statement; [2] Your Task; and [3] What
You Need to Produce and Submit.

1. Context Statement
A recent controversy has arisen in the Victorian rural community of Bartertown. Football (soccer) is a
big passion in the area, and the local amateur side, Bartertown FC, are well supported. A lot of the
sporting activities in the community centres around the local pub, The Winchester, run by Shaun and
Ed. With the upcoming World Cup 2022 the expectation has been that people gather in the pub to
watch the games. However, several prominent and well-regarded members of the community have
started circulating pamphlets calling for local people to boycott watching the games at the pub given
the multiple controversies going on in Qatar (where the world cup is being held). Calling themselves

‘Bartertown Residents for Justice’, they have been handing out pamphlets throughout the community
and gaining quite a bit of support. But they have also attracted a lot of ire from other members of the
community and intense debates have frequently broken out amongst previously friendly neighbours.
The issue has come to an intense boiling point with the recent publication of an open letter to the
community in the local newspaper, The Bartertown Bazaar, from members of Bartertown FC in
support of watching the games at the pub and against the boycott. The mayor, Roland Schitt, has had
enough and has called a townhall meeting to try and settle the matter.
Mayor Roland Schitt is concerned that the upcoming meeting is going to be very fiery. He is aware
that this is a divisive issue and wants to take careful action on the matter based on a more complete
picture of the interests and issues at hand. To facilitate this, he has organised a subcommittee. As an
assistant to Mayor Schitt, you are a member of the subcommittee, and your role will be to examine
the original pamphlet and the responding letter in the newspaper.

2. Your Task
We have been assigned to assist the Bartertown Mayoral subcommittee looking into the issue. You
have been given the task of analysing the original pamphlet and responding letter in the newspaper.
A pamphlet entitled ‘Kick the Cup’ by Bartertown Residents for Justice proposing the boycott. A
responding letter printed in the local paper, The Bartertown Bazaar, entitled ‘Pints before Politics’ put
out by members of the local amateur soccer team, Bartertown FC, which opposes the boycott. We
want you to take on the analysis and reporting for the pamphlet and responding letter and produce a
recommendation for Mayor Roland Schitt.
Resources: You have been provided with a dossier of relevant material. It contains:
• A copy of Bartertown Residents for Justice pamphlet ‘Kick the Cup’
• A copy of Bartertown FC’s open letter in the Bartertown Bazaar ‘Pints before Politics’
• A collection of possibly useful material gathered by the Mayor’s secretary Moira Rose (Moira has
provided some useful information here, however, it isn't exhaustive; do feel free to collect some
of your own if you want to. But don’t go overboard). Moira’s resources include:
1. The.Journal.i.e article titled ‘Poll: Will you watch the World Cup? The country has an abysmal
record on human rights’. This short news article contains some statistics that are discussed
in the ‘Kick the Cup’ pamphlet.
2. Sports Pro Media article titled ‘Study: 34% of UK fans planning to watch fewer World Cup
games for Qatar 2022’. This short news article contains some statistics that are discussed in
the ‘Kick the Cup’ pamphlet.

3. Forbes magazine article ‘Most Fans Won’t Be Watching Qatar 2022 World Cup At Pubs Or On
Big Screens: Survey’. This short news article contains some statistics that are discussed in the
‘Kick the Cup’ pamphlet.
4. The Atlantic article titled ‘Ode to Not Watching the World Cup’. A short news article containing
quotes that are used in the ‘Kick the Cup’ pamphlet.
5. Statista article: ‘World Cup Boycott Fails to Attract the Masses’. Short article containing
statistics that are discussed in the ‘Pints before Politics’ newsletter.
6. The Diamondback article ‘Qatar and the world cup are immoral – but so are we’. Short opinion
piece that contains views covered in the ‘Pints before Politics’ newsletter.
3. What You Need to Produce and Submit.
Mayor Roland Schitt is keen to try and get the best decision for the community. What he really wants
to know from you is what the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s arguments are. He is keen to
know whether they are using any fallacious reasoning or misleading rhetoric in their arguments. He is
also interested in their use of the surveys they cite.
There are three parts to the task. Please structure your submissions accordingly and include all
relevant information in each of the three sections. As a guiding rule, just ask yourself whether what
you have written and how it is structured will be clear to someone else. If the answer is ‘yes’, then all
good. If the answer is ‘no’, then take steps to make it clearer and easier for your reader. (See Template
for further suggestions)
1. Two Standardisations
Standardisations of the arguments used in ‘Kick the Cup’ and ‘Pints before Politics’. Make sure to
clearly indicate the conclusions, cover all the supporting premises and their sub-premises, and indicate
whether they are linked or convergent where appropriate.
There is no word limit on the two standardisations.
2. Analysis
A maximum of 1250-words analysis of the weaknesses AND strengths of the two arguments. You
should include:
a. Comment on the types of argument used (e.g. inductive, deductive, abductive, analogy, causal
claims), AND analyse them in the appropriate manner (e.g. weak/strong, valid/sound, etc.)

b. Any problems in the arguments used (e.g. violations of rules, notable fallacies, unsupported
or poorly supported claims, judgements on whether any research they’ve referred to is
handled correctly and honestly, etc.)
c. An analysis of the language, rhetoric, and possible biases used, tone and language (e.g. word
choice, ambiguity, spin, jargon, certainty and doubt, etc.)
• A statement of the word count. If this is not included, then you will be penalised (see the
rubric). As stated above, 1250 words here is a hard limit. This includes all the words in this
section including subheadings if you choose to use them. Do not write more than this. This
requires you to be concise and to the point. Mayor Roland Schitt does not want to have to read
War and Peace, he just wants the core points.

3. Recommendation
A maximum of 250-words “recommendation summary briefing” for the subcommittee. How should
Mayor Roland Schitt judge the cases presented in the pamphlet and newspaper letter? Which is the
better case and why? Based on the points that have been raised, how can he push the debate forward
in a useful way? What points should he focus on in trying to facilitate a debate and help reach a
You must include a statement of the word count for this section, or you will be penalised (see
the rubric). As stated above, 250 words here is a hard limit. Do not write more than this. Again, the
Mayor’s time is limited so focus on the main and core points and getting them across in a clear manner.
Please remember, this is time sensitive, and it will be used to compile important public responses at
the upcoming meeting. It needs to be clear enough for everyone on the subcommittee to understand
it, it needs to be accurate, and it needs to be in on time. Hope to see a full report soon.

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